Biden Promises That Border Patrol Agents Will Pay, Despite False Narrative

Border Patrol

Despite the fact that they were doing their jobs, multiple U.S. Border Patrol agents are under heavy criticism from the Commander in Chief himself.

Patrolling On Horseback

Video footage of U.S. Border Patrol agents shows them patrolling the U.S. Border on horseback, keeping Haitians from getting into the country. The video immediately became controversial, with the President pushing false information on the incident.

He and others are saying that the Border Patrol agents in the video use the reigns to whip the Haitians. However, the photographer who filmed the video says that is not what happened.

Even so, Biden told CNBC, ” It’s horrible what you saw. To see people like they did, with horses, running them over, people being strapped, it’s outrageous.”

The President continued by saying, “There is an investigation underway right now, and there will be consequences.” Biden said, “I promise you, those people will pay.”

VP Wieghs In

Vice President Kamala Harris agreed with the Presidents assessment. She had sharp words for the agents who were doing their jobs keeping people from illegally entering the border.

“As we all know it evoked images of some of the worst moments of our history where that kind of behavior has been used against the indigenous people of our country, has been used against African Americans during times of slavery.”

Vice President Kamala Harris

She said, “There needs to be consequences and accountability. Human beings should not be treated that way.”

At first, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stood with the border patrol agents, even saying that the agents were in fact holding the horse’s reins, not whips.

But he quickly changed his tune, falling in line with the commentary from the President and vice president.


So far, the border agents have been put on desk duty pending the investigation. However, one administration official argued that it was not enough of a punishment.

There is not any horse patrol currently being used on the border. U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz stands with his mounted agents.

He has explained over and over again the procedures the agents use and that there are no whips. He even reiterated Mayorkas’ original statement that they are just long reigns.

Ortiz is prepared to fight any attempt to fire these agents since they were just doing their jobs.




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