Philadelphia Police Officer Fired, Sentenced to Prison After Split Second Life-or-death Decision

Ofc Eric Ruch

It’s no secret that the anti-police movement has been detrimental to law enforcement officers and their families. Poor leadership, lack of community support, and rogue prosecutors are making the profession of policing more and more difficult by the day.

Officers must fear that any split second, life-or-death decision they make will ruin their lives, possibly even earn them prison time.

To be clear, a “bad apple” cop should certainly receive consequences of poor decisions. But when good officers are placed in bad situations requiring monumental decisions in micro-seconds, they must be protected.

The Incident

On December 27, 2017 Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) Officer Eric Ruch spotted a vehicle possibly connected to a homicide investigation.

The driver, 25-year-old convicted felon Dennis Plowden, was not a suspect in the homicide investigation but it was believed that Plowden and other occupants of the vehicle were armed and dangerous.

Officer Ruch decided to follow the vehicle in his unmarked vehicle and radioed for backup. Ruch was able to stop the vehicle just as his backup arrived, but as he approached Plowden decided to run and hit the gas.

Plowden rammed one of the officers and a police car as he sped off at speeds of over 75 mph. Naturally, a high speed pursuit took place until Plowden crashed into several parked vehicles a few blocks away.

Plowden, shaken by the crash, exited his vehicle as Ruch and the other officers caught up. He stumbled to the sidewalk and sat down with one hand up and the other behind his back.

Plowden refused to show both of his hands and when he made a suspicious move with the arm behind his back, officer Ruch shot him.

After a short time of rendering aid, Plowden was pronounced dead at the scene. The hand behind his back concealed heroin, not a weapon.

Of course, officer Ruch was devastated that he had shot Plowden when he was not armed in the moment. However, Plowden certainly bears most of the blame for his death by not following orders and making a move as if he was about to draw a weapon.

Officer Ruch had feared for his life in that moment, a feeling that was corroborated by multiple other officers on the scene.


Of course, the officer involved shooting of Dennis Plowden was picked up by Soros backed District Attorney Larry Krasner, who has been openly anti-police since being sworn into office in 2018.

In fact, shortly after being sworn in, Krasner told a room full of judges, lawyers, and activists that, on his watch, cops would no longer get away with murder.

This radical statement insinuates that police officers are rampantly getting away with murder, which is asinine. But Krasner has been true to his anti-police rhetoric and gone after officers at every opportunity.

After picking up the case, Krasner’s officer was able to get Officer Ruch fired and in jail awaiting trial. Of course, anti-police activists have been all over the case all but ensuring the jury was biased against Ruch.


Officer Ruch has been convicted of voluntary manslaughter. Though he faced up to 20 years in prison, the judge decided Ruch did not require a lengthy sentence.

Instead, he has been served with 11 to 23 months with the possibility of parole. Furthermore, there were no financial penalties levied against him.

Plowden’s widow has expressed disappointment in the verdict and prosecutors are “reviewing options” and have stated they will continue to pursue further sentencing.

Fortunately, they will be fighting an uphill battle and will not likely have much success.

The worst part of this story is how progressive, Soros backed prosecutors are going rogue and attacking the men and women ready to lay down their lives for us.

As American citizens, we need to do better. We need to elect better leaders, build a community of support around first responders like Ruch, and put a stop to these radical, far left policies who are destroying law and order.

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