Ariana Prince: Six-Year-Old Saves Family in Heroic Fire Rescue

Last updated: October 2, 2023
Ariana Prince Six-Year-Old Saves Family in Heroic Fire Rescue

In a remarkable display of bravery and quick thinking, six-year-old Ariana Prince saved her family from a potentially devastating house fire in Louisiana.

Awarded the Citizens Lifesaver Award by the Winnsboro Fire Department, Ariana's actions exemplify the valor and resilience often seen in our military and first responders.

Deadly Wake-Up Call

It was a regular weekend until Ariana Prince woke up to a sight no one ever wants to see—a cabinet in their home ablaze.

While many would panic or freeze in such a situation, Ariana's immediate instincts kicked in.

She quickly alerted her mother about the fire, setting in motion a chain of events that would ultimately save her family.

"I didn't even hear the smoke alarms. She did," said Ariana's mother, filled with pride and relief. Ariana didn't stop at just alerting her mother; she ran through the house to get her brother and even involved a neighbor in the rescue efforts.

"She ran and she got her brother back. We got a neighbor and she got us out. So we're very proud of her..."


The cause of the fire is believed to be electrical, but thanks to Ariana's swift actions, what could have been a tragedy was averted.

Her courage under fire—literally—is a testament to the kind of heroism we often associate with our military and first responders.

An Award Well Deserved


For her brave actions, Ariana was awarded the Citizens Lifesaver Award by the Winnsboro Fire Department.

This accolade is not just a piece of metal or a certificate; it's a recognition of valor, of the willingness to act for the greater good, qualities that are the backbone of service and commitment we see in our military and first responders every day.

Ariana Prince's story is not just an isolated act of bravery; it's a lesson for all of us in courage and resilience. It serves as a reminder that heroes come in all ages and sizes.

Whether it's a six-year-old girl or a seasoned firefighter, the commitment to protect and serve is a universal trait that deserves our utmost respect and gratitude.

In a world where we are often quick to focus on the negative, stories like Ariana's shine a light on the positive, showcasing the best of human spirit and community engagement.

It's a narrative that aligns well with the dedication we see in our military and first responders, making Ariana Prince a young citizen hero we can all look up to.

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