Billy Ray Cyrus Seeks Restraint and Annulment Over Alleged Extravagant Spending by Firerose

 June 16, 2024

The marriage between musician Billy Ray Cyrus, 62, and Firerose, 35, has quickly spiraled into legal disputes and public scrutiny.

According to Daily Mail, Billy Ray Cyrus has filed for divorce and an annulment from Firerose, citing unauthorized financial transactions and allegations of infidelity. Authorities have rushed in and helped Billy Ray in his fight against Firerose.

Billy Ray Cyrus claims his soon-to-be ex-wife made 37 unauthorized purchases using his American Express card, racking up nearly $97,000. These incidents reportedly took place shortly after their separation, between May 23 and June 7, 2024.

Marital Bliss Falls Into Turmoil and Accusations

The couple's relationship came under more strain as Billy accused Firerose of infidelity, labeling it the "final straw" in their turbulent seven-month marriage. A source close to the situation unveiled to Us Weekly, "Billy accused Firerose of cheating and it was the final straw for him."

The legal team of Firerose responded quickly, stating that $45,000 of the disputed funds had been returned, claiming a miscommunication led to the excessive charges.

In response to the accusations, Firerose has firmly denied all claims of unauthorized spending. She argued that she has had open access to Cyrus's financial accounts since moving in with him in 2022 and that no preset spending limit was ever communicated to her.

Legal Responses and Claims of Innocence

Billy's request for a temporary restraining order comes amidst these heated exchanges, intending to restrict Firerose's access to his financial assets. Furthermore, Billy stands by his claim of "inappropriate marital conduct" as a core reason for seeking an annulment.

The controversy has not only affected their personal lives but has cast a shadow over their professional collaboration. The couple, who met 14 years prior in Los Angeles, had worked together on music projects including songs titled "New Day" and "Plans."

However, contrasting details surrounding their initial meeting in Hollywood, Firerose described on The Kelly Clarkson Show, "It's a funny story because I was walking out of an audition on Sunset Gala in Hollywood," adding a lighter recollection amidst the ongoing dramas.


Billy, who married Firerose in October 2023, initiated divorce proceedings by late May 2024, amidst claims from many, including daughter Miley Cyrus, who were reportedly unsupportive of the union from its onset. This lack of family support has been a notable backdrop throughout their short-lived marriage.

In her defense, Firerose reiterates that her financial dealings were transparent and within the boundaries set during their relationship, a claim that is now central to the ongoing legal battle.

As Billy Ray Cyrus stands firm on his allegations and pushes forward with legal actions, the intricacies of their shared moments and disjoined endings paint a complex picture of love, betrayal, and financial disputes.

The whirlwind marriage between Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose highlights issues of trust, fidelity, and financial disagreements, culminating in legal proceedings that include accusations of unauthorized spending and requests for restraining orders. As both parties present their arguments, the future of this once-artistic partnership hangs in uncertainty, marked not only by their discord but also by the reactions and stances of their families and legal representatives.

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