BODYCAM: Police Neutralize Covenant School Active Shooter

Bodycam Covenant school active shooter

Bodycam footage from the Covenant school active shooter incident shows the rapid response of police officers on the scene.

The 28-year-old female shooter, who identified as a man, killed three children and three adults at the Covenant School before being stopped by the police.

Officers Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo are seen in the video pursuing the shooter and ultimately subduing her.

Authorities have found a manifesto and detailed maps of the school at the shooter's home, indicating the attack was premeditated.

The victims included three 9-year-old children and three adults, one of whom was the head of the school.

This horrific and heartbreaking attack is already being used by the political left to attack those who oppose gender ideology and support the second ammendment. They should be ashamed for making the Covenant school active shooter incident into political theater while the families and community are still reeling in shock.



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3 comments on “BODYCAM: Police Neutralize Covenant School Active Shooter”

  1. I don’t care what this person identified as, this person is just scum in my eyes. Killing innocent children and innocent people just because you feel like it is completely being a coward and I’m glad you were taken out by law enforcement.

  2. Just because this lunatic purchased guns now all law abiding citizens shouldn’t own guns? This is total bull shit. Since when responsible people have to be told they can’t own firearms because of the people who should be held accountable.

  3. 100% textbook response by police. You don’t get any better than the officers in this video… kudos to all of them.
    This video will be used in police academies across the country for years to come.
    Hey woke progressive liberals…. you think your social workers are up to this??? You fools!!

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