Continued Russian Attacks Kill More Civilians, Collapse Evacuation Efforts

By Ethan Cole on
 March 7, 2022

Attempts to evacuate the besieged Ukrainian town of Irpin have been collapsed by continued Russian artillery attacks which have killed Ukrainian civilians.

These continued attacks broke an 11-hour ceasefire agreement between Russian and Ukrainian forces. The ceasefire was meant to allow civilians and wounded to be evacuated.

Instead, Russian violated the ceasefire and non-combatant civilians were slain.

“There can be no ‘green corridors’ because only the sick brain of the Russians decides when to start shooting and at whom,“

Interior Ministry adviser Anton Gerashchenko

While Ukraine is a poor example of Democracy and Freedom, the Russian invasion is an act of pure evil. No man's greed and lust for power is worth the death of innocents.

While the fog of war continues to obscure the death toll, several hundred civilian deaths have been confirmer. NATO warns that the actual number of civilian casualties is much higher.

While Russia's military vastly outnumbers Ukrainian forces, the people are fighting back. Let us hope that this needless war will come to an end quickly.

Check out this footage of the horrifying Russian attacks on Irpin, Ukraine:

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8 comments on “Continued Russian Attacks Kill More Civilians, Collapse Evacuation Efforts”

  1. Typical "fake news" msm - with the press "Believe half of what you read and even less of what you see!!"

  2. Anything that Ukrainian Ministry says Must be taken with a grain of salt. I am not justifying what Putin did or is doing, HE had no reason to invade Western Ukraine, if he felt any moral justification of going into Ukraine , then it was only Eastern Ukraine which has been under contest since 2014 and earlier. DUNBAST area was the only area Putin had a moral obligation to protect. Eastern Ukraine was always a step child to Ukraine because it was populated with RUSSIANS who did not recognize Kiev as their government, because they felt that their area was assimilated under a drunken stoupper by Krushchov and just added on to Ukraine Territory.... The populous (Eastern Ukraine) always lived as Russians and not as Ukrainians.
    Since the take over of the Crimea by Russia the Donblast area came under constant harassments and attack by Ukrainian forces and the AZOV BRIGADE who are no more civil than the Chechens... They (AZOV BRIGADE) thought nothing of shooting raping, pillaging, and mortar shelling Donitz or other Donblast areas.. Eastern Ukraine was supposed to be protected under the Minsk Convention but....Never happened....People then applied to succeed from Ukraine and that only brought down more fury from Kiev and the seat of ( corrupt) government ( who are in debt or control of SOROS and Biden's) …. Why keep crying poor Ukraine when they had the ability to stop this all from happening....POOR US IN THE U.S.A, who have to put up with higher prices due to corrupt back room deals by Biden, Putin and the Shah of Iran.... we were energy independent so this administration really convoluted the world stage and placed ALL OF US in jeopardy.

  3. I find it hard to believe all the news about this event about half way around the world getting to front page news so quick. Were all the reporters already on them scene or the reports being evaluated opr just based on stories for propaganda?

    1. You're still in the stone age. I was just talking on my cell to friends in England. Ukraine isn't that much further.

  4. Pure propaganda - don't know why I would ever believe any rag that the info comes from the socialist state of California - plus its one sided coverage - they don't show the Neo-Nazi's setting up missile sites in residential parts of town and using the populace as human shields - the entire thing is smoke and mirror - I'm praying for the innocent Ukrainians - being used as puppets for evil corrupt deep state working in Ukraine

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