Experts Debate Fatalities Possibly Tied To Alien Encounters

 May 27, 2024

In an intriguing exploration of the unexplained, Nigel Watson's latest book sheds light on deaths that may be connected to UFO phenomena.

An exclusive report from the Daily Mail has raised the question of whether deaths can be attributed to aliens, a topic explored by Nigel Watson in his new book "Death By UFO."

Watson, a UFO researcher from Sheffield Hallam University, investigates various mysterious deaths linked to UFO encounters in his publication.

Mysterious Aerial Phenomena and Tragic Outcomes

Nigel Watson, a distinguished researcher at Sheffield Hallam University, has meticulously gathered global data on UFO-related incidents. His recent publication dives into the perplexing theme of mysterious fatalities linked to these sightings.

Among the cases is the bizarre incident from 1948 involving U.S. Air Force Captain Thomas Mantell. Watson narrates how Captain Mantell met his demise in Shelby County after his aircraft crashed while he was pursuing what he described as a large metallic object.

Watson documents prospections leaning toward an extraterrestrial cause, particularly as some UFO advocates counter the notion that Mantell mistook a Skyhook balloon for something far more extraordinary.

Global Incidents Raising Eyebrows

In 1967, the Brazilian native Inacio de Souza suffered a fatal form of leukemia after his supposed contact with a beam of light emanating from a UFO.

This tragic case has stirred speculation about the exposure to intense radiation, which some believe to be emitted from the UFO's mysterious light.

Watson relays another haunting event from 1947 involving Harold A Dahl, who claimed his boat was showered with debris from a UFO, injuring his son and leading to his dog's demise. Dahl later faced threats to remain silent about what he had witnessed.

Kenneth Arnold, the aviator known for the first widely acknowledged modern UFO sighting, experienced aircraft sabotage shortly after delving into the Dahl incident. This event added another layer of intrigue to the narrative of dangers following UFO witnesses.

Chilling Accounts of Unexplained Mishaps

In another heart-wrenching account from 1968, Jennifer Stevens linked the unusual death of a New York boy to UFO activity. The official cause was exposure; however, Stevens insisted that the eerie tracks leading up to his body suggested a sinister encounter. She believed that the boy had interacted with a UFO.

However, the mysterious circumstances and the consistency of first-responder reports across these cases suggest a pattern that cannot be outright dismissed.

Watson sheds light on the possible governmental or secret interventions in these incidents, although he deems outright assassination an unlikely method of managing the UFO narrative.


Nigel Watson's "Death by UFO" raises a series of profound questions about the relationship between unexplained aerial phenomena and human safety. While not all cases may be directly linked to extraterrestrial activity, the patterns suggest a need for vigilant investigation and consideration. Watson himself remains skeptical about many claims, suggesting a world where the true magnitude of UFO-related dangers is still heavily debated.

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