FBI Raids Home Of Oakland Mayor Amidst Recall Over Crime Issues

 June 21, 2024

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao's home was raided by the FBI early Thursday morning. The reason for the raid is still unknown. 

According to Daily Mail, the raid is part of a broader scope of investigations that included several other properties in Oakland. Public records indicate that Thao rents the property.

Witnesses reported seeing agents in plain attire driving unmarked black vehicles congregating around Mayor Thao's Maiden Lane home at approximately 5:30 am. This property, rented by Mayor Thao, was one of four sites in the city simultaneously searched. The highly visible law enforcement actions come as Thao faces rising public dissatisfaction, highlighted by her scheduled but subsequently missed press conference in San Francisco later that day.

The mayor is now at the center of a recall effort fueled by her administration’s policies, alleged to have exacerbated crime rates in the city. Oakland has seen a stark increase in violent offenses, including a worrying spike in murders and residential robberies.

The FBI also directed its operations towards the home of Andy Duong, a Vietnamese businessman allegedly involved in laundering campaign funds for unknown parties. Authorities have not detailed the link between Duong's activities and Mayor Thao.

Public Reaction and Political Consequences

Amidst these tumultuous events, the FBI's action casts a harder spotlight on Mayor Thao. "The FBI is conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity on Maiden Lane. We are unable to provide additional information at this time," they stated, keeping details scarce but the public spectacle evident.

Crime in Oakland has become a pivotal issue under Mayor Thao’s leadership, with her adversaries quick to connect the increase in violence to her governance. Critics argue that her previous decision to dismiss the Oakland police chief and other safety mismanagement has led to an unsafe environment, driving businesses away and fostering fear among residents.

The organization Oakland United to Recall Shong Thao (OUST) has been vocal about its stance, fiercely criticizing the mayor's approach to managing the city. They accuse her of multiple failures, from escalating crime to a decrease in public safety that impacts everyday life in Oakland.

OUST highlights their grievances:

Lives have been lost, property destroyed, businesses have shut down, and fear and collective trauma are daily occurrences for Oaklanders. We, the concerned citizens, therefore demand your recall for the sake of our city's future.

Mayor Thao's Response to Crime Criticism

In response to the uproar, Mayor Thao previously noted that the uptick in criminal activities began before her term, pointing to 2019 as the start of the rising crime wave.

The increased scrutiny of her actions and policies, particularly regarding public safety, has stirred debates across the community. Some residents affirm the need for new leadership, citing the tangible increase in violence and instability.

As election day nears, Mayor Thao's political future seems increasingly precarious, shaped by the recent FBI raid and ongoing public discontent. The community's reaction in the upcoming months will be crucial as they evaluate whether her leadership aligns with Oakland's needs and safety.


The FBI raid on Mayor Sheng Thao's residence adds a significant layer of challenge to her administration, already burdened by public scrutiny over rising crime rates and safety concerns in Oakland. With the forthcoming recall election, the community continues to watch closely as developments unfold, shaping the discourse on governance and public safety in Oakland.

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