Hilarious Photo Of Russian Troops Allegedly Trapped In Elevator Goes Viral

Last updated March 15, 2022

Question of the day: is it a good idea to take an elevator while in combat?

The answer is a emphatic no. However, that didn't stop a squad of Russian soldiers attempting to use one and it appears that they may have paid dearly for that mistake.

A photo has gone viral of a team of Russian soldiers allegedly trapped in an elevator by Ukrainian building administrators.

Obviously the fog of war has lead to a massive amount of misinformation coming out of Ukraine and this story is completely unverified.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is no laughing matter. Innocent people are dying. However, a small part of us hopes that this hilarious incident is true:

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8 comments on “Hilarious Photo Of Russian Troops Allegedly Trapped In Elevator Goes Viral”

  1. Awe, there is mirror. Actually 4 guys. Wonder how long it took them to climb out the top hatch? Since the Russians are blowing up bio labs (11), and finding human trafficking sites, and soldiers are now driving truck loads of food to the Ukraine people. Of which these nazi's have murdered over 14,000 in the last 8 years. Why are you taking such pleasure in this?

  2. At the end of WWII the Russian troops occupying Germany were incredibly "primitive". For example they thought flush toilets were for washing potatoes. When the wrist watches they were wearing wound down, they thought they were broken and took them to a jeweler who "repaired" them by winding them. I don't believe Russia has ever won a war outside her borders. The cold Russian winters defeated Napolean and Hitler. All the Russians had to do was retreat and destroy anything that could be usefu[ to
    their advancing enemies who outran their own supply lines. There were many dead bodies of enemy solders covering the battle field. They weren't killed by Russian action but had simply frozen to death.

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