'Jihadist' With Weapons Cache Arrested Near NYC Airport

 June 17, 2024

A grave discovery was made near LaGuardia Airport that terrorized local authorities and citizens alike.

Judd Sanson, 27, was arrested near LaGuardia Airport in NYC with a large collection of weapons in his car after being stopped for an obscured license plate.

According to Daily Mail, Judd Sanson was taken into custody after a simple traffic stop led to an alarming find.

Concerns at the Curtailment of Catastrophe

The police stopped Judd Sanson's black Ford Explorer in East Elmhurst, Queens due to a license plate discrepancy. An NYPD officer subsequently spotted a black handle protruding from a holster on Sanson's right leg, prompting a comprehensive search of his vehicle.

Inside, authorities discovered a loaded 9mm gun, over 170 rounds of ammunition, and various weapons such as knives, a machete, a stun gun, and a whip. They also found body armor with an NYPD patch, an MTA vest, and a baton engraved with disturbing inscriptions.

Alarming Arsenal a Stone’s Throw from an Airport

The variety of weapons and the proximity to a major transport hub created an intense concern for public safety. District Attorney Katz said:

When a person is pulled over and possesses a loaded semi-automatic gun, more than 170 total rounds of ammunition, multiple weapons, body armor, an NYPD patch, and an MTA vest, just a few blocks from the airport, we are very concerned. This investigation is ongoing, and I thank the NYPD for apprehending the defendant on a routine traffic stop before anything else happened.

The Unsettling Transformation of Judd Sanson

Sanson, previously known for his quiet demeanor, had been living in his car before the arrest. The discovery has baffled those who knew him, revealing a deep-seated transformation underscored by his recent conversion to Islam and his career as a tattoo artist.

His baton inscribed with phrases like "Left Me No Workspace," "You Gon Learn Today," and an Arabic phrase translating to "Ask In God For Forgiveness," might hint at turmoil brewing within him, noted by those close to the suspect.

Departing From a Peaceful Past

According to a longtime friend, Sanson spoke often of positivity and showed no signs that he would harbor such a dangerous collection.

He speaks about positivity. I'm so shocked. I honestly don't know what to think. He never spoke about violence or terror plots. I think something snapped in his head. He never talks about his problems. Judd was always hard on himself. He has a heavy accent, he is embarrassed about it. People bullied him at school for his accent.

His arrest has sent ripples through the community, as local shopkeepers had already grown uneasy about his increasingly erratic behavior.

Sanson is currently held without bail and awaits his court appearance, where he faces substantial gun and weapons charges, which could culminate in up to 15 years of prison time if convicted.


Judd Sanson's arrest near LaGuardia Airport sparks a probe into how a seemingly quiet individual amassed a disturbing arsenal just steps away from one of New York's busiest airports.

The community remains distressed as authorities continue to unravel the motive and potential plans that could have led to significant chaos. The quick response of the NYPD has been a comforting reminder of the vigilance of our first responders, keeping potential catastrophes at bay.

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  1. It's comforting to know that there are Police Officers that are component and at doing the job they are hired to do. To each one of them we all owe a grateful "Thank You".

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