Joint U.S. Fighter Jet Flight Over Sea Of Japan In Response To Russian, Chinese Bombers

Last updated: May 27, 2022

The U.S. and Japan conducted a joint fighter jet flight over the Sea of Japan on Thursday in an apparent response to a Russia-China joint bomber flight. This comes as U.S. President Joe Biden is visiting Tokyo, where he has warned of China's growing threat to international stability.

During his visit, Biden has sought to reaffirm the U.S.-Japan alliance and present a united front against China. On Wednesday, he announced that the U.S. would be sending two aircraft carriers to the region in a show of force.

China is seen as a growing threat by the United States and its allies, due to its increasingly assertive behavior in the region, including in the disputed South China Sea. China and Russia have been conducting increasingly bold joint military exercises which further escalates global tension.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken addressed this rising conern in a statement on Thursday:

"Even as President Putin’s war continues, we will remain focused on the most serious long-term challenge to the international order — and that is the one posed by the People’s Republic of China"

The joint U.S.-Japan flight on Thursday is seen as a way to send a message to China and Russia that America is not alone in it's opposition to China's rise. It also serves as a reminder of the close alliance between the U.S. and Japan, which China views with suspicion.

Only time will tell, but with the way tensions are escalating it's doubtful that the U.S. can avoid a military conflict with China.

Do you think Americans are prepared to accept the consequences of war with China? Does the U.S. have a chance of preventing a direct conflict with China? What happens from here? Let us know in the comments.

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55 comments on “Joint U.S. Fighter Jet Flight Over Sea Of Japan In Response To Russian, Chinese Bombers”

  1. I think Biden and the democrats are pushing this issue to cause a confrontation with China, their thinking is it will help keep them in office, if it escalates to all out war, I fear this country will suffer terribly, I pray cooler heads will prevail.

    1. We must also keep in mind that the elitists make money during a war, especially the bankers.

      1. Hmmm.. and who might the elites be? REPUBLICANS!!! Who votes continually to cut programs that help the poor? REPUBLICANS! Who signs and creates bills to BAN BOOKS!! REPUBLICANS!, And, who is against bills for billionaires to pay their fair share? REPUBLICANS! So if anyone was going to start a war to stay in power it would be … guessed it, REPUBLICANS.

        1. Who infused trillions of dollars into the already robust economy and caused rampant inflation? Who opened the southern border for terrorists , drug dealers and human traffickers? Who cut deals with Russia and China using their father`s political influence. Who used their inside information to game the stock market to their advantage and made millions. Who was stupid enough to stop the pipeline and energy independence and start buying oil from rogue countries. The Democrats were in charge when all this happened.

    2. Who will fight for this country with JB as commander in chief? He's a dishonest president.

      1. All those trans' that have been allowed into our military, I guess... Oh wait, no, they're not deployable... They're just there for the free surgery & hormones.... probably fall to the underqualified women for whom the standards were lowered, because... wait for it... WOMEN CANNOT MEET THE STANDARDS for combat units! We are just not built for that, no matter what the feminazis claim! Males have denser bones & muscle masses, larger lung & heart capacities than females, even of similar sizes outwardly. Men are built to fight, women really are not.
        Now, that said, women who qualify as pilots, & are assigned to fighters, seem to do better, in that field, than their male peers. I'm not sure why, perhaps, for starters, they're a better physical fit for the cockpits; I haven't seen studies on that, only reports that they are. Perhaps it's because the HUD, & situations somehow "tap into" the "Mama Grizzley" mode. But if that's true, then go there, & stay OUT of ground pounder units, ladies. Take up plane, or truck, or tank mechanics. Stop dragging ground units' preparedness & safety down, because you can't meet the standards!
        For the undeployables, take your self-serving selves to Peace Corps, Vista, Social work or some other place where you aren' just filling a slot to get what you want! You're worse than useless to the mirary!

        1. Sandra, guess you are aware June 1st has been desicated Gay Pride month. We are supposed to celebrate it. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Sorry, you ARE what is on your birth certificate!

          1. I never believed otherwise; that was other members of the family who suffered those delusions, on various ways. I do NOT "celebrate" or approve mental illnesses, nor have I any plans to start doing so.

        2. Women can fight as a man. The best sniper in WWII was a Russian woman. Men may carry heavier loads, but woman can be a force to face. Note, women in our six military organizations are there permanently. Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Airforce and Space Force. Go read military history. Start with the beginning of our country, women in the revolution.

          1. Sniper, yes, special forces, NO! Fighter pilot, yes, but ground pounder, no. Just because they want, doesn't mean putting them there is prudent. Any time standards have to be lowered to accommodate females is the time to flat say no. We are NOT built the same, or to accomplish the same types of tasks. Women make excellent medics, but are not suitable for sending out with field units, period. Shipboard, sure. Field hospitals, fine., But not humping an 80+ lb pack, or trying to drag a 200 lb wounded man out of harm's way, under fire. Even adrenaline rushes aren that good, for that long.
            BTW, I'm acquainted with military history, & US history.

  2. With a president as weak as Biden, there is no doubt other countries will "go for it" because they know how bad our leadership is. None of this would be happening under Trump, like him or not, he was a strong leader and good for OUR country. It would be nice if more politicians would stand with the USA instead of putting other countries ahead of us and our citizens. Charity begins at home - we need to provide and protect our citizens before any foreigners in or out of our country. We really need to stop borrowing money to give away to other countries. It's way past time to put our futures ahead of others. Time to go back to the gold standard and getting rid of our debt. Our future generations don't need the debt to inherit - we are not the world's bank or rich relative to have to support them too. We most certainly do not need to give money to countries that are not totally loyal to us. Let those countries borrow from their friends instead of us. Also time to revamp the welfare system - those lovely extras are nice, but save them for those who pull their own weight. Non citizens shouldn't be getting any welfare benefits. Let's save our country before trying to save other countries. It seems ours is going down the toilet quickly. Thank you Biden for putting more nails in our coffins.

    1. I could not agree more… I have no idea how the liberal minded politicians get away with their policies that destroy the fabric of our country.
      They are very smart people so I can only conclude it is intentional. There is a unified desire to make the U.S.A. a communist country run by them as a dictatorship.
      I have been to China several times, and the factories that house 6,000 people have trained them to march like a military solider. I do not think the U.S.A. is in any position to fight a war with China on the ground. Our generation of kids old enough to fight would not do it. The Ukraine has shown what it takes to fight against a stronger force and we do not have that unity anymore.
      One of the pit falls of being a melting pot I guess.

    2. I totally agree. He should have been impeached long ago. But then what we will wind up with Harris? God help us! Also, thank you Biden voters for getting these corrupt marxists into office ruining this country. Don’t cry in your beer. You all caused this to happen.

  3. Read your Bibles.... at the end times the US is not even mentioned in Revelations as is China and Russia - although they are referred to as the North and South. Obviously America is not important. I wish my cousin was here, she could say it much better. With all things going on - such as the abortion rights where you can abort up to birth, etc. I Think God is tired, - I am waiting for the Rapture.

    1. Not "abortion"; use of that term is the leftist lie to make it not sound like what it IS! Abortion iswhat happens when a woman's body naturally expels an already dead fetus, to keep from being infected by the decaying baby & placenta. What happens at PP, et al, is infanticide & conspiracy to commit murder of a living human that hasn't yet been born. They are NOT the same thing at all! The Bible says " Thou shalt not MURDER!" PLEASE use correct terms, not the left's words for things? Their intent is to mislead, deceive, & "soften" the reality. There are no " gay" or "lesbian" folks, just those practicing the proscribed habit of lying down with those of the same sex (homosexuals). There are only "genders" in inanimate objects, in certain languages", never in animate creatures, but then only masculine or feminine. It's a BINARY world, even among the higher plants. Humans, animals & even plants come in male or female. Many plants have both male & female parts in a single plant, but both are required to reproduce. I'm really tired of the left's lies, & disheartened when I hear those trying to refute the lies using the left's terms, instead of truth.

      1. Since you brought up gay and lesbian. Words out they prefer to be called queers.:Be aware, calendar states starting June 1st we are to celebrate Gay Pride month. Can this country get any worse than to celebrate them instead of our war hero’s and police hero’s who risked their lives to keep us safe. You ARE what is on your birth certificate. If you think otherwise, you have either a mental or physical medical problem. What a country we are trying to survive in these days. 🤦🏼‍♀️ 🙏🏼 🇺🇸

        1. So.. how exactly is someone who was born a man but identifies with being a woman hurting you or anyone else. Unless , the man / woman chooses to compete with women. This is unfair because they have “boy” muscles. I don’t think you will have too many woman/ men wanting to compete with men. However, except for the above example…how does their gender identification involve you! Live and let live. Love others as you would love yourself. Since when has kindness toward your fellow man/ woman been vilified. Only in the world of Trump. He made it ok to be a jerk. Never believed there were so many of you!

      2. While not in favor of abortion upon demand, the term abortion is correct. It is human intervention to kill the baby, When the woman's body does it on it's own, it's a miscarriage, a much different event. I agree, there are only 2 genders except in the very rare cases where a child is born with both sets of genitals. We let the parent decide which way to go at the beginning, but perhaps it would be better if we let things develop naturally as they grow up and let them decide when they are old enough to make that decision for themselves. The physical form you are born with is reality and it's very easy to see. It's the brain that has a problem since it is the brain that controls the way we think, act, etc. I truly do not see how anyone can think that by having cosmetic surgery you become what you want to be. Let's face it, if cosmetic surgery is covered for transitioning, it should be equally available for those who want to change their looks also, not just a select few. Believe me, if cosmetic surgery was included in my insurance, all my excess skin and fat would be removed ASAP!

  4. All mankind will be amazed at what will happen to all nuclear silos when they open the cover and get ready to fire a nuclear weapon. When nothing happens except the power goes out. This has happened before and was kept secret. You will really be surprised to find out who killed all the power in the machinery that tries to launch nuclear weapons to destroy earth. Just pray and watch the sky.

  5. AMERICA HASN'T A SNOWBALL IN HELL'S CHANCE OF DEFEATING CHINA IN ANY CONVENTIONAL BATTLE. If we go to war with the DRAGON, we better be ready to release a dragons fury i.e. Nuclear bombardment of mainland Chinese territory in a FIRST STRIKE followed by a second strike. Then hope for the best!

    1. No, we don't, nor Iran, Russia nor Turkey should they choose to attack us. What military we have is exhausted physically & mechanically alike... & mostly outdated as well.

    1. Do you really want Harris or Pelosi in the oval office? At least wait until the GOP has both houses and then impeach Harris along with Biden, Pelosi won't be next in line anymore so she's no longer in the line up.

    2. Put Kamala behind the Resolute desk? THINK about that hard, before you act! Remember Pelosi is 3rd in line, too!

  6. When Trump was in office, we didn’t have these confrontations because he was willing to kick ass and take names. With the incompetence of Joe Biden, and not knowing who is really running the country, countries like Russia and China feel emboldened to test our metal. We have cut back on war games and combined operations we have conducted for years because we don’t want to upset anyone. They should continue and show our resolve in protecting our allies and their way of life.

    We need a STRONG President in the White House. Russia and the US signed a non-proliferation agreement not to engage in military conflict because we each have nuclear capabilities. So, as a result, Russia invades Ukraine and we just sit by an watch the devastation and genocide happening.

    We also need a well equipped and strong military. Regardless of genetic status, your job is to fight and win. If you can’t do that, work at McDonalds.

    1. I wouldn't count on that. Our youth of yesterday were strong with being patriots. Our youth of today is mostly snowflakes who have been brainwashed to hate America and what she stands for. There was a time when a socialist or communist wouldn't be able to find a job, let alone be elected into congress or any of the political positions. My feeling is - if you want socialism or communism, go move to a country that embraces what you want and be happy and leave us the hell alone,

  7. Whatever it takes to de-populated the planet the globalists will do without remorse... Don't get hung up in partisan political narratives; it's all a side show.

    1. I agree to a point. We do have over population in the world. There is so much of earth that cannot be utilized at this time. However, we could encourage people in America to have fewer children. Instead of tax credits for more children, we add a tax for extra children because they are the ones using up our natural resources including school rooms. Instead of throwing more money at a family on welfare because they have another kid, I'd leave the money at the level it is at and make them decide how to portion it out.. If the government finds the children on welfare are not being properly taken care of them, take them away from the parents and give them to people who want and will love them because it's obvious that the parents didn't. It's harsh, but I think it will keep people from having kids they can't afford. Instead of free abortions, how about free sterilizations?

      1. Wow... you really don't understand economics or how the world works. Earth is not "overpopulated", although in many areas poor stewardship has hurt the land. But it's not "overpopulation", as much as terribly management that's at the root of most problems. already in a negative population growth state. Who will fill the jobs & support the disabled seniors? There won't be workers enough to do that, already. We need to stop trying to support the world (charity really does begin at home: family 1st, then community, nation, & IF there's enough left over, foreign nationals!). We need to stop supporting able bodied adults & paying women to pop out babies for money. 1 "mistake" per mother; after that, no excuses, she knows how it works, no additional funds or other support, & no murdering the kids either, for her lack of responsibility! No "free" sterilizations! Stop handing out freebies! Learn responsible behavior, or figure out jow to manage your own messes! Stop the "nanny

        state" garbage! Those are supposed to be adults; time they behave like it, or start losing privileges, like voting...

    2. Ah HA! 1 who sees the bigger picture, & gets what's rely going on! Good for you! The grand Guignol we refer to as our Congress is such a joke it's ridiculous! It belongs in the park, entertaining the kiddies, not "running" a nation! "BIden", well, whomever that man actually is (the real Joe was last seen falling up the boarding ramp to USAF 1, a yr ago March), belongs in a memory care nursing home; Kamala needs serious mental health care (her affect is so inappropriate much of the time, it's really alarming that she's next in line, despite being ineligible for the office (not a natural born citizen).
      But it's not those in DC who are running America, indeed, none of those in any capitol is running that nation. The PTB pulling all the strings are an international cabal, of which Americans are not a part, that has been ruling de facto for a century or so, in reality, via money, which they control, globally.

  8. The Biden administration has sped up the chance for confrontation with China.
    When Biden shut down our energy supplies in The USA he again made us dependent on foreign oil.
    The United States is the only country in the world that needs nothing from any other country to survive.
    We need to slowly bring manufacturing back to the USA for vital products like medicine and stop at some point all trade with China until they become a free nation.

  9. Do not bite the hand that feeds you Joey aggressive acts against China is the same as refusing to kowtow to the Ukrainians.

    1. This Biden administration should be charged with Treason, They .are not protecting the USA citizens from the millions of illegal aliens entering the USA.

  10. I would hope cooler heads would prevail in the case of a “mad man” wanting to use nukes! Only those who don’t know science and that we could destroy the WHOLE world by using them. We have several “science deniers” in our country. So sad. NO ONE will win a nuclear war! So, the saber rattling continues.

  11. One thing is for sure all democrats want something from Americans either their money,guns or your freedoms..why would any idiot vote for a person Ike elections are stolen! Time to catch some vote counters out in the parking lot

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