Leadership Through Conflict: The Example Of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy's Defiance

Last updated March 2, 2022

There is a lot of controversy over the Russian/Ukraine conflict, and rightly so. The issue is quite complex, not to mention the added complication arising from the fog of war and media bombardment.

Through all the confusion, a few points of clarity rise to the top.

First, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is demonstrating clear and decisive leadership of his country in a time of war. He is playing for real and leading by example. When offered transportation out of his country, his response has been "The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride".

Second, his example is working. The number of men and women taking up arms against the Russian invasion is likely largely in part due to President Zelenskyy's leadership. There are many examples of Ukrainian celebrities and pro-athletes staying in country and fighting for their homeland.

Lastly, President Zelenskyy stands defiantly against a superior force invading his homeland's sovereignty. Two things can be true: Ukraine is no shining example of democracy, yet Russia is wrong to invade. It is important to set the precedent that rogue superpowers will not be tolerated.

President Zelenskyy's leadership is bringing to light weak leadership around the globe, including here at home. America needs to draw a hard line in the sand against bullies. Most notable, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc.

The Ukrainian people are proud of their President, they are honored to follow his lead and fight for their homes. This patriotism is certainly stemming, at least in part, from the nations leader.

Lastly, the humanitarian crisis being created by the Russian invasion requires strong leadership. Regardless of his previous record on policy, President Zelenskyy is getting the job done. Fewer people will die in this conflict thanks to him.

Let us know what you think of President Zelenskyy's leadership in the comments below!

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42 comments on “Leadership Through Conflict: The Example Of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy's Defiance”

    1. Me too! Every one needs to get out and vote all the Communist Democrats out of office at local, State and federal levels. Garland, Fauci, Pelosi and Schumer along with General Milley need to be fired immediately. Principals, teachers unions and teachers that are brainwashing our children with CRT all need to be removed. They have turned our country into a Third world Sh— hole. And each day they remain in office it will get worse.

      1. Totally agree with you. However, the reason we are in this world we are living in is because the dull have been and are being brainwashed by the media. Take television away and they
        would more than likely be more patriotic and have their eyes open more.

      2. I wish we had a strong president too. WE had one, but the dumb people voted for Biden. They must have seen what he was like when he campaigned from his bunker. Hope they are sorry now.

        1. "Good noW!"!,B"H. They didn't vote for Biden. They stole votes from Trump who got at least 84Million votes to Biden's 64 or 5, if that.

  1. Wish I could be proud of the joke of a President we have. He would be in the basement under the bed.
    He has nearly destroyed this country.
    This would not have happened with

    1. Zelensky is a buddy of Socialist Trudeau from Canada. Trudeau hero worships Fidel Castro !
      They both want New World Order along with Biden and China. They all want the Great Reset that will strip you of all your personal assets and hand them over the the Government...

  2. If Biden wanted to do something, send Ukraine a couple dozen drones delivered. Let them deal with the armor column moving in. Biden is more interested in taking credit for Ukraines President and brave people than anything else, reason enough to run him out of office.

  3. Wait a minute, isn't this Zelensky guy the one who has been selling out his country to be raped, financially and otherwise, buy our own corrupt US politicians? And here we have our media giving corrupt Zel all these props and photo opps while they are spreading false and misleading information?

    1. Did ya ever think Biden thinks this is the best thing to happen to Ukraine, the history of Hunter and Joey raking in millions of dollars from Ukraine will be lost in the war!

    2. Because they are corrupt, doesn't mean Russia is allowed to go in and take over. I can't think of any government in this world that isn't corrupt to some extent or another. It's obvious that Ukrainians don't wish to become Russians.

  4. He's absolutely not a coward !!!!!!
    Although he's made mistakes, plenty of them actually. He is LEADING by example, by STANDING up and fighting side by side his countrymen !!!!! Our so called leaders would have left before the 1st foreign boot crossed the border !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The fact that our country has done nothing speaks volumes, We should be sending a MOAB directly to Moscow to show our displeasure.

  6. A real hero to everyone that knows what he is up against. My upmost respect for him. He displays real leadership and doesn’t turn tail and run.

  7. well we can't say much or we'll get bounced off facebook AGAIN (FOR UNACCEPTABLE WORDS) but I hope Putin gets pushed back to his own land.

  8. I wish the Cuban people learn and follows the Ukrainian, with pride and love for their country and take the streets and ask for their Freedom and Liberty for all!!!🙏✝️🗽⚖️🇨🇺👍

  9. The Ukrainians and their President are very strong and brave ... they need a lot of help from the rest of the Free World ... I salute them !

  10. Too bad we can not give the Ukrainians about 40 or 50 A-10s ...they would make quick work of that Russian armor !

  11. There is a legal way to remove an incompetent president. Why aren't the men who are complaining so hard about the day after day destruction of our country, stand up and grow some #### and take a lesson from the President of Ukraine. Stand up for what is right and stop this horrendous destruction of our Constitution and all we believe in as a free country. What? You want the women to do the job in removing such a
    Terrible person?

  12. There is no doubt Zelenskyy is a solid leader for his country of Ukraine. Joe Biden and his ilk could learn a lot from studying Zelenskyy and his methods of defending his country!

  13. Zelensky is following the order of his puppet master, Klaus Schwab. Joe Biden is apathetic wannabe President. Putin will clean up the Deep State Operation of child trafficking, biolabs, drugs, and money laundering. The real Putin was assassinated a couple of years ago and replaced with a Deep State operative that is now working with the Trump White Hat Alliance.

  14. "Good noW!"!, B"H. Zealous. He could even take on big tec and Fake news media, B"H, The SWAMP! BUT really Putin will be walking with his nickers around his ankles from now on. How he can even face the world is beyond me. A madman with a nuclear armoury and a "Mother" Russia complex, is an insanity; a recipe for Hitler and no different in Iran, CCP, mad maniacs with a fantasy as an excuse for megalomania. Put them together in an MMA ring, and let them battle it out there.

  15. How has Zelensky managed to stay alive with the hit squad after him? Now that he is no longer useful to them the Deep State Cabal will discard him like yesterday's trash.

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