Military UFO Sighting: Orb-Shaped UFO Caught on Video Over Iraq

By Ethan Cole on
 April 22, 2023

A recent Military UFO Sighting has been a source of fascination and wild speculation. With numerous sightings reported around the world, the existence of UFOs has stirred debate and prompted serious investigation by governments and researchers alike.

In this article, we delve into the details of a military UFO sighting that took place over Iraq, featuring an orb-shaped object caught on video. We will discuss the events surrounding this sighting, the ongoing analysis by the Pentagon, and the potential implications of these unexplained aerial phenomena.

Military UFO Sighting in Iraq

Recently, UFO sightings have surged, particularly among military personnel. Consequently, these reports attract attention from defense officials, the public, and UFO enthusiasts alike. In this instance, an orb-shaped object was sighted over Iraq, and its intriguing flight pattern was captured on video.

The Pentagon released this footage, sparking curiosity and speculation from researchers and military experts. They are interested in gaining insights into possible aerial threats or advanced technology from other nations. The UFO's mysterious appearance adds to the fascination surrounding the sighting.

Taking the sighting seriously, the Pentagon is investing resources in investigating and analyzing the incident. By releasing the video, they aim to gather more information and promote transparency. This approach encourages open discussions and contributes to a broader comprehension of unexplained aerial phenomena.

The Iraq military UFO sighting underscores the importance of vigilance and preparedness when confronting potential unknown threats. As investigations progress, it is essential for experts to maintain an open mind, thoroughly examining all possibilities.

Military UFO Sighting Video

The video was released as part of a declassified presentation on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). The UFO in question was observed by an MQ-9 in the Middle East, and the video shows the object being tracked by the aircraft's electro-optical (EO) sensors.


Analysis of the Military UFO Sighting

The video captures the orb-shaped UFO as it enters the camera's field of view, then vanishes and reappears while the camera tracks its motion. Currently, the Pentagon's examination of this incident is ongoing, and the UFO remains unidentified. To better understand trends and similarities between such events, they persist in collecting more data on comparable sightings.

This video's release has ignited public curiosity and interest regarding the nature of these mysterious objects. It emphasizes the necessity for additional research into UAPs and the possible ramifications they may have on national security and aviation safety.

The military UFO sighting in Iraq has drawn the attention of the public and military personnel alike. As the Pentagon progresses with its analysis and accumulates more data on similar occurrences, it is essential to maintain an open mind about the potential consequences of these unexplained phenomena.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the object seen in the video?

The object is an orb-shaped UFO caught on video by an MQ-9's EO sensors in Iraq.

Has the object been identified?

The object has not been fully identified yet, and the analysis is still ongoing.

Are there more UFO sightings like this one?

Yes, there have been other similar sightings that the Pentagon is currently studying to understand trends and similarities between these events.

How is the Pentagon analyzing these UFO sightings?

The Pentagon has a multi-step process that involves preliminary analysis, prioritization, competitive analysis, adjudication, and peer review.

How many UFO sightings has the Pentagon analyzed?

As of the time of the referenced video, the Pentagon was tracking over 650 cases of UAP sightings.

What is the significance of these UFO sightings?

The significance of these sightings remains uncertain, but their potential implications for national security and aviation safety warrant further research and investigation.

Are there any identified objects among the cases analyzed?

Some of the cases have been resolved and identified as known objects, such as balloons or aircraft.

How long does the analysis process take?

The analysis process takes time due to the complexity of the data and the need for multiple reviews. The Pentagon aims to get faster as more personnel and tools are added to the analysis process.

When will the next report on UFO sightings be released?

The next annual report on UFO sightings will be released in June or July.

Will the results of the analysis be made public?

Once the analysis is completed and peer-reviewed, the unclassified findings will be made available to the public.

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  1. there out there but they are afraid to make contact looking at how crazy we are. they know we would just be so hostile towards them. don't forget they have thousands of years watching us.

  2. I saw right over my head a spaceship that reminded me of the Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space. It was 1988 in Framingham MA. We pulled off to see more and it was gone that quick. That was a UFO definitely was.

  3. I saw 6 UFOs in 1979. They were in an inverted V formation, had no sound and was gone in about t seconds.

  4. I saw something last year that I still cannot explain: went right over my truck as I was stopped in the road around 12:30 midnight. Tic tac shaped, bright white on the front, the rest was a dull yellow glow. Pulsing red and yellow lights on the rear. The bottom had multi colored round inline cylinder engines of some kind but it went over me not making a sound. I was in awe.

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