Minneapolis Judge Orders City Council To Fund Police Department Amid Violent Crime Wave

Over the past year, there has been a sharp uptick in violent crimes. As a result, many major cities have defunded their police departments without any real plan for reform or outline for dealing with the sharp increases in local crime. Now a local judge feels the need to step in.

A Judge Steps In

In Hennepin County, District Court Judge Jamie L. Anderson has order Minneapolis City Council and Mayor Jacob Frey to start hiring more officers. He said, “immediately take any and all necessary action to ensure that they fund a police force.”

Anderson said that Frey and his fellow council members have "failed" official duties outlined by and within the cities charter. He says that letting officers leave in large numbers is against the minimum number of officers required by the city charter.

They need to have 735 officers sworn in by June 30, 2022.

Minimum Officers

Right now, the Minneapolis Police Department says they will have 690. Forty-six officers will still be on long-term leave.

They also estimate that if the current trend continues, they will be down to 649 by January 2022. According to MSN, the judge used 2019 population numbers to determine the number of officers,

The judge also agreed that the police department would not likely see a higher number until Jan 2023. When the city estimated that they would only need 650 officers, they used population data from 2010.

“If the City is not proactive in anticipating what will be required of it in coming years, it will constantly be behind — constantly underperforming and, as a result, understaffing the police force,” 

Judge Anderson

Current Law Suits

The city has eight pending lawsuits against it for not keeping the streets safe. All of them claim the city allowed the number of officers to sink below the required number.

The plaintiffs also cite defunding the police policies as one of the reasons for so many officers quitting. With these policies, it is also near impossible to hire new officers.

Not many applicants are joining the academies throughout the nation. However, MPD will have the most challenging time out of all the departments in the nation due to the death of George Floyd and others.

One of the citizens is former Minneapolis City Council member Don Samuels and his wife, Sondra, who said that legal action is their only choice as the city council is not listening to its people.

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31 comments on “Minneapolis Judge Orders City Council To Fund Police Department Amid Violent Crime Wave”


  1. De-fund the police was really stupid to begin with and those who did that need to accept responsibility for any increase in crime.

  2. These Democrat officials are as dumb as rocks, do not have the balls to stand up for what is right for the country. Ignore the woke bunch of idiots and start arresting criminals. Fill those jails with that trash. Biden has no clue how to manage a small business never mind a great country. I think he is one useless Bastard. him and his rotten son. We need someone who really cares about our country, like Trump.

    1. Your EXACTLY right !!.I say DONT fill the jails full of criminals at taxpayers expense.Instead put em ALL in front of FIRING SQUADS and do america a HUGE FAVOR!!

      1. Yes, why am I still supporting the Boston marathon bomber who is a complete loser & he even received a stimulus check. Did that waste of life file a tax return, doubt it. 🤮

      2. The Military Tribunals should Ready Themselves for the American People Need these Embedded Traitors within our Political Arena, torn From their Stronghold and Brought to Face The High Crimes that All Patriots Know have Been Silently Infiltrating our Nation with the Aid of The Trojan Horse Media, this Treasonous Group are the Modern Day SS Nazis For This New World Order!! Pointing Fingers as they Tear Apart Our Nation with Propaganda that Has Run Rampant and uncontested Do to the Heavy Corruption and Levels this Coup Has Control Of!! It is time we Call a Spade a Spade, for Our Domestic Enemies ate Digging Far More Without Any Military Resistance Which Is Needed Now, NOT TOMORROW!! THIS IS AN ACT OF WAR, A Political Coup Is A COUPE!! Enough is Enough!! Gallows, Firing Squad, and Yes Those Guillotines Should Be Readied to Let All Traitors Know We The Patriots Are Ready To Dance!! And Dance these DEMON-RATS To The Business End Of Their Choice of EXECUTION!! Now is the Time for All Good Men To come to the Aid Of Ones NATION!! 🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸

  3. Well since that state stopped people from defending themselves, by open carry of guns, then all you can do is HOPE the police can rescue you in time, keep you cell phone batteries charged 🙂

    1. DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH !!! I'm hoping you're only joking about asking a criminal who wants to killyou to just wait a minute so you can call the police to save you ? ? ?

    2. The safest town in the U.S. is a town in the South where everyone age 21 and over is required to carry and practice once a month.
      The result?? They haven’t had any crime for years.

  4. Time to.hold politicians responsible for their discussions that cause injury or death to citizens. If found guilty, should be hung in public display.

  5. All politicians should be put on trial for treason. The onse that aren't found guilty can keep there post. The others are to be sentised by the people for crimes against the state. And if they caused death among the population for STEWPID policies are to be HUNG. We will stop this POLITICAL BS. They are elected by the people ,Of the people and for the People. Not for themselves. Then lets talk Media. Same with them except if they caused deaths by what they reported. To also be tried for treason against the people. The pen can be more deadly than the sword.

  6. Sue, sue, sue and sue some-more. Sue the mayor and each council member until enough money is awarded to get the required number of police officers and support resources. Then expelled each member out of office for malfeasance. When you find a fair and honorable judge, use the opportunities to your advantage.

  7. You are just asking for trouble when you begin pandering to the few. The people we Put in These positions are to legislate to the whole, NOT to the individual. Until they stop this PC attitude and caving to the minority it will only get worse.

  8. I just put another comment here and it was never posted. That's about the 3rd time this has happened. No more

  9. About 4 times now I have commented here and it was never posted. No More. This is the last one.

  10. They already wasted all the money to hire police, by paying the looters, murderers and rioters. They got nothing. Let them live with their dreams of utopia as their city burns.

  11. Good for ......District Court Judge Jamie L. Anderson, In Hennepin County, Minn. (Minneapolis)....
    A Judge, who has some Brains for making the Call and Saying.....Hire More Police Officers. !!

  12. Let the blue states burn till they turn red then something will happen to those who want criminals to run amuck. Hugging, telling them it is not there fault they steal, no bails, letting criminals out of jail due to race will never let your city be safe. arrest them and put them away and then come back to me and ask for help. Till then you own it

  13. Definition of insanity: Keep doing the same thing over and over and over, expecting a different outcome. I also like- stupid is as stupid does. Continue to vote demorat, the further down the drain the city/state falls. MN is a prime example. Wrecking Walz, Frightened Frey, Corrupt Carlson, Antifa Ellison, Islam Omar, Kueen Klobuchar, slithering Smith, Crooked Craig- then we have our spineless rinos! I bet if MN did an election audit- 1/2 of these people were NOT voted in. Until MN wakes up and realizes that Walz/Frey released the locusts, and further released them after Chauvin farse of a trial, MN is doomed as it is. We need a DeSantis type!


  15. Samuels has a lot of nerve attempting to sue the City. He was behind the firing of a highly decorated officer and refused all evidence due to a video where the victim should have won an academy award for his performance. There were few in the department that agreed to the actions of the city council, which Samuels headed, and the Deputy Chief, once an ethics officer, who not only lied but secretly changed policies to get a "win". The city paid the criminal who was out on probation $70,000. for his theatrics.

    Some still hold seats on the city council. Officers were told at that time that the non-lethal weapon must be carried but not used. Many in MPD have stood down for years due to subsequent Chiefs and the city council Anti-police mandates. The Mayor , Chief of Police, and the entire council must be replaced for the issues THEY have been responsible for creating for many years. Once , replaced it is not officers that must be "Re-educated" and "Re-trained" if they want a once great force to return it is the Council.

  16. Let nature run its course. An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth vengence is mine saith the lord. Prove me now forthwith that I may open a window in heaven and pour you out a gift.

  17. Start taking the lifetime benefits they get and make them accountable they for they work for us biden and kamala are a joke.pos

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