Nancy Pelosi Acknowledges Role in National Guard Delay during Capitol Riot

 June 12, 2024

A recent video showed former Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitting responsibility for the delay in National Guard deployment during the January 6 Capitol riot.

According to the Daily Mail, Nancy Pelosi’s admission has ignited significant debate, shining a new light on the events of January 6, 2021.

This video, released by the Committee on House Administration's Subcommittee on Oversight, captures a critical conversation. Filmed by Alexandria, Pelosi's daughter, it reflects a moment of realization and responsibility as they evacuated the Capitol.

During these moments of crisis, depicted within the confines of a Capitol parking garage, Pelosi engaged with her chief of staff, Terri McCullough, in a frenetic dialogue about the day's chaos.

Insight into Capitol chaos from Nancy Pelosi's perspective

The lack of preparedness by the Capitol Police was also a point of contention for Pelosi, who expressed her frustration over their handling of the situation. This aspect of the security failure is especially rankled, as the Police are directly answerable to the Speaker of the House.

At the helm during these turbulent times, Pelosi attempted to orchestrate a prompt military response. Her efforts included reaching out to then-Vice President Mike Pence, seeking to expedite the National Guard's involvement, which she felt was being inexplicably delayed.

Compounding the complexity of the situation, former Trump adviser Kash Patel asserted that President Trump had indeed authorized the National Guard's deployment three days before the riot. Yet, Pelosi and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser are accused of not acting on this authorization.

Republicans challenge the established narrative

Voicing a strong rebuke to the findings and focus of the now-dissolved January 6 select committee, Rep. Barry Loudermilk criticized the resources used to pin the blame solely on Trump. He pointed out Pelosi's own statements as evidence that contradicted this narrative.

According to Loudermilk, Pelosi's newly revealed admissions render the committee’s previous conclusions questionable, as they primarily targeted Trump without adequately addressing other failings.

Nancy Pelosi admitted, "They didn't know, and I take responsibility for not having them just prepared for more." This unexpected confession sheds new light on the confusion and lack of preparedness that plagued Capitol defenses that day.

In reaction to these developments, Patel went on the record to emphasize how numerous media reports over the years had overlooked or misrepresented Pelosi's role.

Kash Patel argued vehemently for the truth of Trump’s proactive measures to safeguard the Capitol, which he believes Pelosi deliberately ignored.

A candid admission raises accountability questions

Pelosi's admission has extensive implications, stirring up questions about the accountability of political leaders and law enforcement agencies in safeguarding the nation’s legislative nerve center.

This episode casts previous investigations in a new light and underscores the urgent need for clarity and oversight in how critical decisions are made during national crises.


The release of this footage, revealing Pelosi’s perspective and admission, has certainly added a new dimension to the understanding of January 6. It raises important questions about preparedness, response, and the interplay of various authorities during one of the most fraught days in recent American history. Nancy Pelosi's role and the actions of other key figures deserve careful reflection and scrutiny to ensure the Capitol and its defenders are never again found wanting in times of crisis.

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  1. Pelosi is in great part GUILTY for the mayhem creqted on jan 6. Why? Because Pres. Trump asked over and over for natl guard elements feeling there would be trouble incited by outsiders trying to make 45 lok as the peretrator of the protest. Do NOT forget his people went peacefully towards the Captol and walked around not causing trouble. Innocents who today are in jails under the Capitol building suffering! Pelosi is to blame 100%. She refused to follow his orders! that is TREASON!

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