NFL Star Maxx Crosby Spotted UFO on Raiders' Return Flight

 June 12, 2024

When Maxx Crosby, the celebrated defensive lineman for the Las Vegas Raiders, reported witnessing an unidentified flying object (UFO) during a flight.

According to Daily Mail, Las Vegas Raiders' Maxx Crosby revealed his encounter with a possible UFO flying back from Miami after facing the Dolphins.

Maxx Crosby recounted this unusual sighting during his interview on Jim Rome's sports talk show. He vividly described seeing a large, luminescent object that appeared and vanished mysteriously from the skies.

Crosby and others on the aircraft, including the flight crew, were collectively perplexed by this sighting. Impressively, this unidentified object was not captured on any radar systems on board, adding to the enigma of the entire experience.

Maxx Crosby Shares Insights on Extraterrestrial Life

Maxx Crosby has been open about his interest in extraterrestrial phenomena, which he frequently discusses with his teammates. In the locker room, these conversations often revolve around various conspiracy theories, nurturing a sense of curiosity among the players.

Maxx Crosby emphasized his firm belief in extraterrestrial life during the show. His convictions stem from an assurance that the reality of aliens is no longer up for debate.

Andre James, one of my teammates, our center on the team, he's all into UFOs and all types of different conspiracy theories. So me and him have that bond. In the locker room, we sit and talk about different conspiracy theories.

Details of the UFO Sighting by Maxx Crosby

Further elaborating on the incident, Maxx described the UFO as a substantial shining light that intermittently appeared and disappeared in the night sky. This encounter occurred as the team was returning to Las Vegas from Miami, still processing their recent game and looking toward future challenges.

The description that Crosby provided paints a picture of a startling and unexplained phenomenon that others aboard were witness to as well. "It was wild. I saw it and they had no idea what it was. There was nothing on the radar. And it was like a big shining light going in and out," Crosby explained.

UFO Sightings: Not Just Fiction

The incident reported by Maxx Crosby aligns with a broader narrative that has been developing over recent years. The Pentagon, in 2021, admitted to having tracked over 120 incidents that might suggest extraterrestrial encounters. Such disclosures have propelled public interest and scientific inquiry into the possibility of life beyond Earth.

Despite his high-profile status as an NFL player, Crosby's sighting brings him into a community of many who look skyward, searching for answers. His experience highlights the ongoing curiosity and debate surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena.

The Impact of Crosby’s Revelation on Perception

When figures like Maxx Crosby share such personal experiences, it undeniably encourages dialogue and speculation on a significant scale. This incident not only fuels the existing public fascination with UFOs but also underscores the likelihood that we are far from alone in the vast expanse of the universe.

The Las Vegas Raiders, meanwhile, remain focused on the season ahead, particularly their anticipated confrontations with formidable opponents like the Kansas City Chiefs led by Patrick Mahomes.

Even as professional sports continue to capture the public's imagination through displays of human prowess, moments like these remind us that there are yet profound mysteries that sport nor science can currently unravel.


As Maxx Crosby and the Las Vegas Raiders prepare for upcoming games, the defensive lineman's recount of witnessing a UFO highlights the persistent intrigue surrounding extraterrestrial life. This incident prompts us to venture beyond conventional boundaries of understanding, inviting both skepticism and belief in the endless possibilities beyond our world.

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