NYPD's Scarecrow Tactic: Putting Already Stretched Thin Detectives on Watch in High Crime Areas

In New York City, Police Department officials are planning to put already overworked detectives on watch in high crime areas. This so-called "scarecrow" tactic is being implemented in an effort to curb the soaring crime rates across the city.

Union officials are calling the plan a waste of resources, as the detectives' primary focus should be solving crimes and putting away suspects to prevent future crimes from taking place. This asinine plan will likely result in Detectives leaving the force. Worse, many of them may be harmed in the meantime.

New York City is known for its soft on crime policies, but this latest plan seems fruitless at best. Criminals will not be deterred by the presence of detectives in high crime areas. In fact, they may see it as a challenge to outsmart them.

This is just another long-term affect of the poisonous, anti-Police movement. Of course, it will be brave officers and innocent citizens who will suffer as usual. New Yorkers deserve better. They deserve to feel safe in their own city. But as long as the NYPD is being hamstrung by idiotic policies, that will continue to be a pipe dream.

Considering that citizens in New York aren't allowed to exercise their second amendment rights in defense of home and hearth, things are about to get even worse.

What do you think of the NYPD's latest tactic? Let us know in the comments below.

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23 comments on “NYPD's Scarecrow Tactic: Putting Already Stretched Thin Detectives on Watch in High Crime Areas”

  1. Totally asinine! These Democrat stronghold cities and states need a cleansing, a change of leadership to more conservative minded, law and order mindset.

  2. NYC officials are not concerned about the average citizens. Until the officials and the rich start having to deal with the criminals personally they aren't going to change anything. I pray for all the Leo's who are in harm's way from these stupid policies.

  3. Beyond belief! Stupidity at it’s best. No common sense shown. The wrong people are running the big cities in this country. Need strong leaders that know what “complete control” means.

    1. I grew up in the south. We used to vote straight Democrat, but the party changed and didn’t lookout for the working man anymore. The south turned Republican. The north didn’t change. They are still like the old south and vote the old party line. The unions don’t lookout for the people anymore in my opinion.

  4. Sometimes change only happens after total destruction, NYC seems to be heading there. You get what you vote for.

    1. Amen to that. But will the elites and dimwitted people who are on the demon-rats train finally decide enough is enough and derail that train? Only time will tell. I wouldn't be caught dead going to NY but that's the way you'll end up.

  5. When lawbreakers are arrested they need to be incarcerated by means of high bail pending a court appearance. Also sentences of time mean MUCH MORE than a fine which only requires the crook to steal more to pay it.

  6. I would feel bad about the people of NYC, but the stupid people voted them in office. ( YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID )

  7. It should have been apparent almost from the moment this Chief was appointed that he was going to threaten not only Cops ability to do their job, but literally endanger them directly by his policies and supporting the AG's policies of 'Non-enforcement, and NON-Prosecution. These policies include releasing thugs back to the streets, free to seek out the cops that arrested them for 'retribution'. They both have enormously degraded the citizens right to effective LAW ENFORCEMENT, and the protection they pay for. (and pay quite handsomely. Most P.O. are over 100K a year after a few years plus massive benefits packages and overtime pay. The retirement program is off the charts too. But nowadays, the trick is to last that long ...

  8. As the old saying goes, "When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns."
    The People need to have their "RIGHTS" restored. We do not need a POLICE STATE. A FAKE PRESIDENT, A KING, or any type RULER that has no one or nobody to answer to.

    The above is my own personal opinion. You are entitled to yours as well.
    Thank you for reading this.

    1. You and I are on the same page. What is happening in our country is an outrage and shameful. This is not a dictatorship, or a country that has no consequences for broken laws or aborts babies, even live babies, at will. No other country has open borders letting anyone in. And the people we elected to represent us are doing nothing at all. Thank you for sharing.

  9. When you give an ideological morons authority this is what happens ! They should have that much common sense, but the Marxist have a hold on their city government ! The voters in New York have to wake up and extract their heads from backside !

  10. This is a dangerous plan that will not help the crime rate, nor the worn out detectives. Soft on Crime is killing citizens of New York and Police Officers and Detectives.

  11. Democrats pulled this same stunt in the City of Los Angeles among other Southern California cities turning them into some of the highest poverty levels and highest crime ever. Take a look at Los Angeles County today. It’s not the only city liberal mindless morons ruined. We have millions of unvetted illegals pouring into San Diego with the assistance of some of the most poor.why educated dingbats ever. Now Oakland, Ca had the award fkr th3 highest crime rate in the entire nation followed closely now by San Francisco. Both cities citizens elected their own destruction.

  12. Some people have to learn everything the hard way. Others never learn. Last time I looked atLos Angeles who defunded their police a complete lack of law and order. Violent crimes go without any response whatsoever and victims lay in the streets. Homeless populations skyrocket and poverty and homeless populations quadruple

  13. In1981 they made a movie called "Escape from New York" with Kirk Russell. It looks like that movie will become a reality. I think the leadership in this country is plain crazy plus STUPID. They will have to build a wall around the city to keep all the criminals inside. So Sad!

  14. I can’t believe the Constituents in the Democratic Party strongholds keep voting in people who are Racist, anti-cop, anti-America, all putting America last, not first! New York City is going down the toilet fast due to decades of Democrats rule! I wouldn’t visit New York, Chicago, or California if you paid me a million dollars! A civil war is coming, all due to Biden and his cronies! The Deep State is taking over the country, with Biden and others as their puppets! We all have a right to defend ourselves, the far left is against it, wake up everyone and do what is necessary!

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