Off-Duty Officer Defends Family Against Attacker, Activists Outraged

Apparently, the world has gone mad.

A 17-year Cumberland County sheriff’s deputy defended his family against an attacker while off-duty and activists, who did not even witness the event, are demanding he be arrested for murder.

The bizarre attack occurred the afternoon of January 8th when a man ran out into traffic and leapt onto the deputies truck. The man proceeded to rip off the windshield wiper and bash the windshield in.

Sheriff’s Lieutenant Jeffrey Hash leapt from his vehicle and opened fire when the attacker would not cease the assault.

“I was driving down the road and he came flying across Bingham Drive, running, and then I stopped so I wouldn’t hit him and he jumped on my car and started screaming; pulled my windshield wipers off, and started beating my windshield and broke my windshield,... I had my wife and my daughter in my vehicle.”


As is standard procedure for an Officer Involved Shooting, Lieutenant Hash has been placed on administrative lead pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

Unfortunately, activists have already pronounced the Deputy guilty and are unlikely to accept the outcome of the investigation. According to them, the attacker never would have done such a thing:

“He wasn’t the kind of guy you know to stir up violence,... He was a very humble soul. Everyone that knows him, knows him to have a gentle heart–soft spoken, well-mannered, hardworking individual. He had an incredible sense of humor.”


While it seems unlikely that a 17-year veteran Deputy would suddenly decide to murder someone in cold blood, normal people await the outcome of the inevitable investigation to draw such a conclusion.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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