OFFICER DOWN: K9 Shields Partner From Storm Of Bullets

Last updated: March 6, 2022

A West Jordan Police Department K9 Officer has been killed in the line of duty while working to take down a violent suspect.

The incredibly brave working dog leaped into the line of fire, apparently attempting to shield her human partners from the bad guy.

“Maya leapt upward and stopped a bullet intended for her handler”

West Jordan Police Chief Ken Wallentine

Maya and her partners had responded to a violent hostage situation where a man was holding a woman against her will.

Police spent some time hunting the suspect . Three pursuits later, they managed to puncture the suspect's vehicle and the man took off on foot.

As Police closed in, the man opened fire. Officers returned fire, killing the gunman but not before Maya made her incredible sacrifice.

“She saved the lives of many officers that night and will be remembered as a hero... What we referred to as work, Maya referred to as play time. She loved her play. She had a great nose for finding narcotics and tracking suspects,... During her four years working with West Jordan, Maya became the best and most reliable narcotics dog that we have. Maya was finding narcotics every single shift that she worked."

West Jordan Police Department Lieutenant Chad Haun

Losing a K9 Police Officer is deeply felt among the Law Enforcement community. By extension, we too feel the loss.

Let us know what you think of Maya's incredible sacrifice in the comments below.

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35 comments on “OFFICER DOWN: K9 Shields Partner From Storm Of Bullets”

  1. Saying that dogs are man’s best friends is a huge understatement! I only pray that she passed without pain or suffering. Prayers for the officer and Maya. ❤️😞🥲

    1. I would like to see the perpertrator being punished on the guitene it quick but messy crimanals need to be executed and tell the bleeding hearts to bleed to death

  2. Oh Maya so sorry you were killed by a ruthless person who didn't know you were a better dog then he was a person.. God bless you and keep you in his arms. You will be missed Maya.

    1. I also believe that all our animals wind up in heaven when they die, because of stories I have read where people have died, gone to heaven and either seen their own pet there or simply other animals.

      1. Of course they do... they are one of our loves, and our Father gave them to us for that purpose and to help us in many ways, pals, pets, even some for food sources, so our Father won't deny us that channel of loving because He loves US, and we love Him.

  3. Loyalty isn't something that can be taught. The loss of a k-9 is the loss of a family member
    I am sure her fellow officers feel the same way

  4. RIP Maya !!!!! She's just like her human partner, willing to die for everyone else in the name of community service !!!!!! GOD BLESS OUR BROTHERS & SISTERS IN BLUE !!!!!!!!

  5. There is no greater friend than a dog. And they ask nothing in return except to be with you as much a they can. You can’t ask for more than that.

  6. That dog certainly was a hero. I just lost my dog so I know what it feels like. My heart goes out to all of you.

  7. Man's best friend! She saved many of her human partners and the ruthless person should be in prison for his life.

  8. Why wasn't the poor dog wearing a bulletproof vest?? The very least they could do to protect her! Please donate to Vested Interest in K-9s...

    1. Vests are very expensive and many police departments can't afford them. There are organizations that raise money for them or maybe the community could. Regardless it is too late to save this brave "officer.

  9. He (the suspect) should get the same penalty as if he
    killed a human officer, as they are part of the police

  10. These dogs should have there own grave yard so they will always be remendber hero’s we have plenty of gov owened land the least we can do also a place to live out there life after retiring

    1. They are usually adopted by their handler's family when they retire, or in some cases they will be "deprogrammed" and adopted through a K9 rescue.

  11. This always is💔. She was a beautiful girl. These dogs give their all for us. May she RIP and play at Rainbow Bridge

  12. What a wonderful brave dog, The K-9 dogs are true hero's in many instances, that Is why I like to make occasional donations to Help for Paws and other similar organizations. I have read of other instances where the K-9's saved their masters from death. I think this is why I prefer dogs to cats, altho I love cats, dogs are much more special to me. I have owned 10 different dogs in my 87 years, and one dog who remained with me until he was 13 years of age.

  13. My grandfather was the agent for the Massachusetts SPCA when I was growing up, I remember hearing numerous stories of all breeds of dogs…never have I heard of a dog so intuitive that it could take a bullet for it’s handler!! Rest in Peace, Sweet Girl! 🥲💕♥️🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. To remember MAYA's duty to the community and to save the life of the police officers will be remembered for a long time may she rest in peace with the Lord. But death was not caused by a suspect this was done by a real person, witnessed by more than one person and also probably on video so keep that stupid suspect word out of here is the only way remember her the one that gave her life for the people. Did she died in vain and for no reason because she was killed by an innocent person a suspect. I guess if some of you dummies want to still use the word suspect I guess the police officers killed a real innocent person after all this and could be put in jail for murder because they shot a suspect as you all say that has not been proven guilty. Guess Maya is thinking while in heaven, oh my God I gave my life to save the police officers and other people for no reason because I attacked the wrong person a suspect, from what's being said the bad guy that killed me.. I have seen articles written about guys that have been tried and found guilty in court in article's and these idiots that write this stuff still using the word suspect or the words alleged or allegedly, and that's after they've been found guilty in the court of law, this is wrong and ridiculous. Is this the way to remember Maya for all her sacrifices??. Stop it.

  15. I think she was a hero. She did what she was trained to do. Thank God they took him out so he can never needlessly take a precious life like hers again.


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