OFFICER DOWN: K9 Shields Partner From Storm Of Bullets

A West Jordan Police Department K9 Officer has been killed in the line of duty while working to take down a violent suspect.

The incredibly brave working dog leaped into the line of fire, apparently attempting to shield her human partners from the bad guy.

“Maya leapt upward and stopped a bullet intended for her handler”

West Jordan Police Chief Ken Wallentine

Maya and her partners had responded to a violent hostage situation where a man was holding a woman against her will.

Police spent some time hunting the suspect . Three pursuits later, they managed to puncture the suspect's vehicle and the man took off on foot.

As Police closed in, the man opened fire. Officers returned fire, killing the gunman but not before Maya made her incredible sacrifice.

“She saved the lives of many officers that night and will be remembered as a hero... What we referred to as work, Maya referred to as play time. She loved her play. She had a great nose for finding narcotics and tracking suspects,... During her four years working with West Jordan, Maya became the best and most reliable narcotics dog that we have. Maya was finding narcotics every single shift that she worked."

West Jordan Police Department Lieutenant Chad Haun

Losing a K9 Police Officer is deeply felt among the Law Enforcement community. By extension, we too feel the loss.

Let us know what you think of Maya's incredible sacrifice in the comments below.

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