Officer To Be Terminated For Self Defense After Child Opened Fire At Police

An armed 12-year-old boy was killed by a Philadelphia Police Officer on March 1 after he opened fire at Police. The Officer who fired the fatal shop has been placed on a 30-day suspension and will be fired.

While the death of a child is tragic, it is farm from just to fire an Officer who made the heart wrenching decision to defend themselves from mortal danger.

In fact, one could argue that it was the Officer's sworn duty to end the threat. If someone is willing to open fire at Police, who else are they willing to attack?

The incident occurred while several Officers were conducting surveillance in an unmarked vehicle. The Officers spotted two teens riding bicycles and recognized that one of them was wanted for questioning in regards to a firearm violation.

The Officers activated the Police lights on their vehicle and attempted to make contact. At this time, the younger of the two kids pulled out a stolen handgun and opened fire on the Officers, nearly killing one of them.

“This kid fires a shot right into the rear passenger’s side window,... We’re really lucky we don’t have an officer seriously injured and killed right now because the bullet went right through that window and embedded itself into the driver’s side headrest.”

PPD Sergeant Eric Gripp

Several of the Officers in the vehicle returned fire, ultimately killing the younger boy. The older kid has been apprehended without injuries.

Unfortunately, the Officer involved has no support from the department or the city. It seems to be a case where the Officer will be railroaded in the name of social justice.

How is this going to impact recruiting? How many Officers are going to leave in disgust? This sets a really bad precedent and will dictate how Officers react going forward.

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