Patrol Officer Follows Gut Feeling, Ends Up Saving Mans Life

Ask any First Responder, sometimes you just need to follow your gut. A Tire Hill, PA Officer did just that and he is being credited with saving a mans life.

Collin Hargnett, an officer with Conemaugh Township Police Department for a year and a half, awoke with a strange urge to go to the local water tower. He ignored the inclination at first and went about his shift as normal until the urge just wouldn't leave him alone:

"I was thinking I should go to the water tower,... It's not someplace I normally would go. So I go up there, and sure enough..."

Officer Hargnett finally gave in to the bizarre feeling and drove to the remote water tower. As he pulled up, a startling scene greeted him: a bloody man stumbling around:

"It was Sunday morning and I initially thought it might be an intoxicated person, somebody who was maybe out partying in the woods overnight,... I went up to him and realized it was more serious. He had a gunshot wound on the left side of his chest and blood all over his shirt. I could see a firearm laying there."

Officer Hargnett immediately called for EMS and rendered aid, preventing the man's lungs from filling with blood. Fortunately, EMS arrived in time to take over and save the man from dying.

The victim's name and the reason for the gunshot wound has not been released at this time. Officer Hargnett has been presented with a commendation for trusting his instincts and acting quickly to save a life.

Let us know what you think of the bizarre situation and Officer Hargnett's quick thinking!

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