Pentagon Staffer Exposed for Ties to Hamas Ally

By Ethan Cole on
 October 31, 2023

A recent article by Law Enforcement Today has exposed a Pentagon Staffer for ties to a Hamas ally. The article raised concerns about Yousra Fazili, the Chief of Staff for the Pentagon Comptroller.

The report alleges that Fazili has family ties to radical Islamist terrorists and has expressed anti-Israel and pro-Hamas views.

Fazili, who has studied Islamic religious law and has a Master's degree in Islamic Studies from Harvard, is also said to have ties to Qatar, a state sponsor of Hamas.

The article claims that her views contradict the policies of her employer, the Pentagon, which is offering support to Israel.

The Allegations: A Closer Look

The article cites a report by Front Page Magazine that claims Fazili has family ties to radical Islamist terrorists. It mentions that Fazili testified before a 2019 congressional hearing about the arrest of her cousin by Indian authorities, claiming he was an innocent victim.

However, the article alleges that her cousin "lionized Kashmiri jihadists" and was affiliated with an Islamic terrorist group.

Academic and Professional Background

Fazili is well-versed in Islamic religious law, having studied it at Al-Azhar University in Egypt before earning a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies from Harvard.

She has also represented the Islamic Federation of Student Organizations, which is closely tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, at the UN Economic and Social Council.

Social Media Activity

The article highlights Fazili's social media activity, where she has promoted anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian views.

This is said to be in contradiction with the Pentagon's policies, which are supportive of Israel.

The Response: What's Being Done?

Rep. Jack Bergman (R-Minn.) has sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, alleging that Fazili helped Qatar target "prominent Americans in an effort to silence Qatar’s critics."

The Pentagon has yet to publicly respond to these allegations.

The article mentions that the Pentagon declined to comment on Fazili's alleged activities or outline the department’s social media policies.

This raises serious questions about whether internal vetting processes are robust enough to identify potential conflicts of interest or ideological contradictions among Department of Defense staff.

Final Thoughts

The allegations against Yousra Fazili are serious and warrant thorough investigation. They also raise broader questions about the vetting process for individuals in sensitive positions within the U.S. government.

It is crucial for national security that those who serve in such roles are fully aligned with the policies and values of the institutions they represent.

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