Police K9 Hero Ciro Killed In Freak Accident

The death of a Police K9 is always felt keenly by the handler, department and community. These furry heroes dedicate their lives to serve and protect.

In a horrible tragedy, one such K9 was killed while his human was testifying in court. Unfortunately, because of his role as a bite dog, Ciro had to remain in the vehicle:

“However social Ciro was, he was a bite dog. He was a full patrol dog and he was trained to protect me. I can’t take Ciro into those places without a need,”

Deputy Gary

Deputy Gary's Police car was equipped with sophisticated electrical equipment to monitor the vehicles temperature, operations and voltage. An electrical short after Gary left the vehicle sparked a fire in the dashboard

Deputy Gary was only gone for 15 minutes and rushed to rescue his dog from the vehicle, burning himself in the process.

Unfortunately, K9 hero Ciro succumbed to smoke inhalation and passed away.

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