Police Union Disgusted After Would Be Cop Killer Back On Streets Within 24 Hours Of Shooting

North Carolina Police Officers were attempting to break up a fight when their worst nightmare happened: one of the suspects opened fire on them with a rifle.

Police were able to tackle the previously convicted felon, 27-year-old Tyler Drew, without having to shoot back. Drew was jailed on multiple egregious charges but was allowed to post a $67,000 bail only 24-hours after his murder attempt.

As a felon, Drew should not have been allowed to own a firearm in the first place. But of course, criminals are not known for following gun laws.

In response to the shocking release, both the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police and local District Attorneys Office expressed outrage over Drew's release, claiming that the criminal justice system in Mecklenburg County was “failing the hardworking citizens who live here and the many more that drive here each day for work and leisure.”

We understand bonds cannot be unreasonably set, but only by the grace of God did no one get struck by reckless gunfire. His actions were intentional and his bond should have been significantly higher... Our judicial leaders need to be held accountable for these actions; next time, a violent offender like Mr. Drew could kill your loved one,” lodge officials said... Suspects charged with violent crimes, however, should remain locked up awaiting trial...

Apparently, releasing felons before trial has been an issue for many years in Mecklenburg County. In several cases, violent repeat felons have been released from jail while awaiting trial. Typically, these criminals have gone on to commit more violence.

This is an example of a county slapping local law enforcement in the face. Police and detectives pour their lives into keeping communities safe while "leaders" create policies that create a revolving door for violent criminals.

What good are laws if they are not enforced? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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