Police Union Disgusted After Would Be Cop Killer Back On Streets Within 24 Hours Of Shooting

By Ethan Cole on
 March 26, 2022

North Carolina Police Officers were attempting to break up a fight when their worst nightmare happened: one of the suspects opened fire on them with a rifle.

Police were able to tackle the previously convicted felon, 27-year-old Tyler Drew, without having to shoot back. Drew was jailed on multiple egregious charges but was allowed to post a $67,000 bail only 24-hours after his murder attempt.

As a felon, Drew should not have been allowed to own a firearm in the first place. But of course, criminals are not known for following gun laws.

In response to the shocking release, both the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police and local District Attorneys Office expressed outrage over Drew's release, claiming that the criminal justice system in Mecklenburg County was “failing the hardworking citizens who live here and the many more that drive here each day for work and leisure.”

We understand bonds cannot be unreasonably set, but only by the grace of God did no one get struck by reckless gunfire. His actions were intentional and his bond should have been significantly higher... Our judicial leaders need to be held accountable for these actions; next time, a violent offender like Mr. Drew could kill your loved one,” lodge officials said... Suspects charged with violent crimes, however, should remain locked up awaiting trial...

Apparently, releasing felons before trial has been an issue for many years in Mecklenburg County. In several cases, violent repeat felons have been released from jail while awaiting trial. Typically, these criminals have gone on to commit more violence.

This is an example of a county slapping local law enforcement in the face. Police and detectives pour their lives into keeping communities safe while "leaders" create policies that create a revolving door for violent criminals.

What good are laws if they are not enforced? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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27 comments on “Police Union Disgusted After Would Be Cop Killer Back On Streets Within 24 Hours Of Shooting”

    1. I am really ticked off that the people that defunded the police. The police are out there every day protecting the people and the fools treat the police this way. The cops need to be REFUNDED and give them a raise!!!!

      1. Who would come to work for a City that cuts them and leaves them vulnerable while protecting the public as best they can! We will be lucky to get any kind of a normal Police Force back again. Why would you risk your life for an employer who could not care less about your life or the lives of others?

  1. It seems to me that George Soros is behind a lot of our problems!!! He wants a One World order that he can run! Soros is responsible for Obama's presidency which is when our Brave Blue Police were thrown under the bus & it continues under Biden's pathetic leadership. Soros is also responsible for our unlawful pathetic DA's around the USA!!! MAGA 2022 & 2024!!! Bring back Trump & Reagan, as they were our best Presidents ever!!! They love our USA & our legal citizens!!!

    1. Soros needs to be deported. He gives millions to DA to not fight crime. This is why some of the criminals get out of jail without any bail. He is a despicable evil man. He does not need to rule the
      world. God help us if he ever does.

  2. Message to the office and administration of, the National Fraternal Order of Police.......Maybe it is time for the FOP to threaten a total walkout by ALL police officers, and members of the National FOP. Big departments, Small departments, EVERY OFFICER, both active, and retired, to protest, YES, protest the releasing on bond, bail, or no bail, or low bail, those who would open fire on police officers, in order to send a message that we will no longer stand for BRAIN DEAD prosecutors, or BRAIN DEAD judges, or BRAIN DEAD DAs', who do not do their job appropriately, by holding criminals of these heinous acts and ordering very high bail or no bail with REMAND........in order to send a message, that time has come for everyone to walk the FUCK OUT..... WAKE UP, AMERICA..my opinion

    1. IT is all about money , Why is it funny ,one day a police men shot a unarmed woman , he is a hero . the next day he in a gun fight , catches the person . That person goes to jail ,the DA lets him out ,no bond sets . The people of this great country have always have supported law enforcement. But question why are they doing the work for GEORGE SORO'S. , get the blue flu. Instead of running a old woman down with a horse . We have your back

      1. If you shoot at a police officer you get LIFE in prison, you kill a police officer, you get KILLED, no questions asked.

  3. Enforce the Laws of the land! Lawlessness should never be permitted at any time -period. It is time the law abiding citizens demand that justice "IS SERVE".

  4. This is totally disgusting and pathetic!! These thugs run the streets around America committing crimes and liberal judges slap them on the hand when they are charged with violent crimes. Law Enforcement has a hard enough time doing there job with Democrats wanting to defund them and then to top it off liberal judges playing politics let’s these convicted felons out of jail when they commit violent crimes with a firearm. Some how some way “We the People” are going to have to stand up against against this roguish activity in our courts and demand accountability. Just like Democratic Party the judges think they are above the law and they can do anything they want.

  5. JUDGES AND D.A.,s should be held accountable without immunity in cases where a cop is shot or a violent criminal is released to commit more violent crimes. That should apply in every state, county and city! No one is above the law.

  6. This why you don’t want a soft on crime justice on the Supreme Court like Jackson— with all her privileges education she can’t even define what a women is and tells a sex offender how sorry 😢 she is to sentence the creep ( at all)—- sick of those questioning her about her past acts against true justice being so wrong and then commending her for her past horrible record as if it ok as long aid you graduated from Harvard which lately is producing one odd duck after another 😱

  7. No one is above the law!
    Especially, judges and District Attorneys who release violent criminals to commit more crimes!

    1. If a judge lets a violent criminal out on bail and he commits another violent crime, the judge should be put in jail with him. This will make these liberal judges think twice before letting these crazies back into society.


    1. I'm sure that there's plenty of our past historical figures doing summersaults in their graves !!!!!
      Since people have turned their backs on GOD, and their fellow man, is it any wonder how much insanity is happening around the world ?????? I think not, our only hope is to return to our foundation !!!! GOD, SELFLESSNESS, AND LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU WOULD LOVE YOURSELF !!!! MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ONE AND ALL !!!! TIME TO KNEEL AND REPENT, GIVING ONE'S SELF TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, ASKING THAT HIS WILL BE DONE, ASKING FOR GUIDANCE, DIRECTION AND HIS SAVING GRACE !!!!!!

  9. Just more insanity from liberal activists !!!!! They (liberals) love to glorify criminals and degrade hard working, honest men and women, who put their lives on the line for their fellow citizens !!!!!!! It's no longer 3 strikes and you're out, it's endless strikes, until you hit a grand slam !!!!!! Our once great country is in complete SHAMBLES !!!!!!! SO SAD TO SEE

  10. In order to frighten people into submitting to a world government run by a cabal of elites, Soros and other children of the Devil encourage war, mass migration, racial hatred, and high crime. As George Orwell warned, Big Brother will save us by isolating and restricting the freedom of most individuals. Wars will be arranged to continue to frighten the masses, as Orwell warns. What Russia and Iran are doing in Syria is an excellent example of what is coming, if we do not submit.
    Government's primary responsibility is to enforce peace and safety. The insane must be kept in kind care and not released until the doctors accept liability. Most criminals belong in locked mental hospitals. Officials, including judges, police, and district attorneys need to be held liable for releasing insanely dangerous people.
    Drunk driving by a citizen is dangerous, but releasing a felon found in possession of a firearm is more dangerous! If we can hold a bartender liable, then under the Equal Protection Clause, we should demand judges be held liable.
    I see no difference between attempted murder and murder. Both should result in a lifetime of close supervision and most likely confinement in a mental hospital. Please recognize that we have no means to undo murder.

  11. Unfortunately maritime black law (bible)sea/land is ILLEGAL entrapment judges clerk magistrates lawyers police doctors took a oath on maritime law its entrapment does not protect the foundation constitution republic laws
    We all been lied to the government does not care about our law officers in DUE PROCESS of constitution laws nor its citizens I say eye for an eye in DUE PROCESS of constitution laws
    God bless our HEROS in blue Amen

  12. I think the "County" and its judges should start riding with the police. That should straighten this mess out.

  13. This just makes me sick, while they are letting murderers loose, in Arizona, if you happen to be drunk and hit a car, you get four years. Something is wrong here.

  14. Our police do ABIDE by their OATH of office to Serve and Protect they are the only so called governing authority out there that does!! The rest want catch and release to avoid the discussion of covid going back with more variants that are all fake as well!! Here we are in the twilight zone all!!

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