Pregnant Woman Calls 911, First Responders Deliver Baby In Back Of Ambulance

Babies are usually safely delivered in the four walls of a hospital or at home with a doula or midwife. Fire station and ambulance births rarely happen.

Not According to Plan

Paula Oliveira was 39 weeks pregnant. She was close to her due date at 39 weeks, but she wasn't there quite yet.

Oliveira tried going to the hospital but she was sent home since she was not close enough to delivery on Saturday night. Sunday morning turned out to be a very different story.

At 6:45 a.m. on Sunday Hanover firefighters received a call that a woman was pulled over on the side of the road, and was in labor. Since she was near the Pembroke town line, Hanover and Pembroke came to the call.

Delivery Imminent

A car delivery was definitely possible, but the firefighters loaded her onto a stretcher and put her in the ambulance. Sebastian Rivas and Jonathan Pelletier road in back with her while Capt. Fred Freeman drove.

Rivas and Pelletier had already had a very long night. The two men had back to back calls including a check on a person, who unfortunately already died.

A couple of minutes went by and Oliveira said she needed to push. Pelletier's wife was a registered nurse who worked in obstetrics. He knew that this baby was getting ready to make his arrival.

A Healthy Baby

Oliveira delivered just a little while later, a single bounce over a set of railroad tracks and there was a healthy baby boy, Noah.

Rivas said, "He was pretty clean. It was like in the movies with how he was."

Oliveira delivered Noah in 17 minutes from the 911 call to Rivas holding Noah. Usually the driver of the ambulance would pull over if the mother is about to deliver, but Noah was in such a hurry to make his entrance that Freeman could not.

Rivas said they only had a couple of seconds warning, and there was not enough time to ask Freeman to stop driving. Once they could have him pull over, Rivas cut the cord, cleaned Noah, and gave him to his momma, who was on "cloud nine."

Once they arrived at the hospital, Oliveira and Noah went with the crowd of doctors and nurses. After the ordeal, Oliveira posted a pic of Noah to the firefighters Facebook page, thanking them. Rivas said that is was "a Father's Day to remember."

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