Putin Is Being Misled By Top Military Advisors On Ukraine Invasion

The Russian invasion of Ukraine grinds on despite it's limited success. This has led many to believe that Putin seriously miscalculated how strong Ukrainian resistance would be. On top of that, recent U.S. intelligence reports suggest that Putin's top military advisors have been misleading him on Russian performance in Ukraine.

However, Putin is now aware of the misinformation which has created a tense situation among top Russian leadership.

Considering that the Pentagon has just upgraded Russia from a "great power competitor" to an "acute threat" it's concerning to think that Putin may be getting desperate. Especially considering the fact that Russia is a nuclear power.

Meanwhile, the bloody stalemate in Ukraine has led to serious morale issues among Russian troops. Ukraine's tenacious defense efforts have been more effective than most thought possible.

While tensions are high among Russia's top leadership and the invasion is going poorly, U.S. intelligence is still unsure how this will play out on the world stage.

What do you think, where does this go from here? Is Putin a madman, or just incredibly misinformed? What outcome could possibly arise out of Ukraine?

Let us know in the comments below.

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