Putin Is No Madman: He Is A Rational, Consistent, And Utterly Ruthless Thug

Last updated: March 5, 2022

The brutal Russian invasion of Ukraines sovereignty has sent shockwaves through the international community. In turn, there is much speculation on whether Putin is losing touch, becoming unhinged, or becoming mentally ill.

However, several national security and intelligence agents are cautioning against this belief:

"He may have made a miscalculation, and many of his beliefs are wrong, but he is rational, consistent, and ruthless."

Glenn Carle, former CIA operative

Putin is likely acting out of a Eurasianist worldview which paints the west as an existential threat not only Russia, but mankind itself.

This means that any means the west would normally employ to negotiate a mutually beneficial outcome, Putin has no other option but to expand his empire and push back against the west.

In all, this is a terrifying situation. Putin is under a lot of stress. The invasion of Ukraine is not going well and since this is not a conflict he can afford to lose, there is much concern over what extreme lengths he may go to.

These actions would not come from a place of madness. Rather, they would be born of a more dangerous mental state: righteousness. Putin believes only he can save mankind. Coupled with his rational, consistent, and ruthless nature, only time will tell what he will do with his nuclear superpower.

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39 comments on “Putin Is No Madman: He Is A Rational, Consistent, And Utterly Ruthless Thug”

  1. I would say that is a just, fair description of him, and he is a small man......Beware of small statured men!

      1. World war III according to the Bible does happen also New world order also happens but the New world order will not stand long because Jesus comes back

        1. I could not agree with you more! Many are waking up to the truth by the grace and love of God. Our standing up and proclaiming the truth and our taking personal responsibility for our sins before our saviour will be one of the greatest weapons of war hurled against the Globalist and Satanic forces.

          Jesus will defeat the Globalists, but as Jesus said. Be not afraid and do not hide your light under a bushel!

      2. Since he talked all this over with China before the Olympics and since Biden is making Putin's buddy Iran Nuclear.....you are so right we are big big trouble

  2. I do not think it just Russia (who will not stop with Ukraine) China is in on this and after the talk with Putin told him him to wait till after the Olympics. Then there is Iran, who biden is making Nuclear and so all the tag alongs with Iran, including Pakistan & Turkey. Zelensky is so right we are showing so much weakness....we may get creamed by Russia,Iran, China and BIDEN/Blinken etc. And there ARE Islamist groups in our country waiting for their opportunity.

    1. I think we need to be prepared for nuclear war........I thought when Putin, Iran leaders and China's leader all meet in 2019 for a meeting of the minds they had plotted to take over the world and nuke Israel and United States....get right with your maker.......

      1. If WW-3 happens? The rest of the world won't just take it. They will fight to survive.ALL! heel breaks lose! WORLD DESTROYED! NOBODY WINS! So whos the IDIOT! that sets it in motion? Theres the real question!

        1. Biden is the idiot. He showed his weakness when he changed everything that was working internationally. And the stupidity of tying the hands of the domestic oil industry.

    2. Biden let terrorist in with open borders......Texas Rangers caught 11 Iranian terrorist entering our border in January.........and think of all the ones Biden brought in from Afghanistan that were never vetted

    3. yes they are. Im ready to throw down for my country UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN......lets do it

    4. Jule is absolutely right communism has been growing world wide and they want to enslave people

  3. This isn’t a war for Putin it’s a war Biden funded to clear his and his sons name of any and all wrong doing in Ukrain they made millions of dollars there and it was a big and illegal operation for them both and probably a lot of other people involved as well

  4. Who believes anything these people are saying - I don't trust any of these people - these are the people that had us guarding poppies fields for corrupt politicians and war lords in Afghanistan - While I don't love Putin I certainly don't think he's crazy - the Corrupt western world is Criminal and enemies of the people

    1. I think Putin is working with someone else. You do know that Ukraine is a very corrupt country an THEIR leader is right there with BIDEN an all the rest of the deep state. A lot of the people living there would like to leave because of their own government is a COMMIE COUNTRY. Check it out an I think you will see it's not all PUTIN an the Ukrainian people WHO are doing all the fighting there is another source

  5. If Europe and USA would have payed close attention to the Budapest 1994 Accord signed by the above countries and Russia, nothing would have happened to Ukraine. Voting has its consequences. If the people of Ukraine would have voted for somebody else and not a comedian maybe diplomacy would have prevailed. Unfortunately in the USA you have a weak, impostor president and it just happened that the chess player Putin realized that Russia's safety is at stake due to tendency of NATO expansion and now is the time to rectify the situation
    Let's be realistic. If USA can go and tople a regime in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libia and almost succeeded in Egypt because its safety was at stake, why Putin can't do the same for Russia
    Wars are not made by evil politicians. Wars are made by stupid, uneducated people who vote for these politicians and put them in power.
    It is funny how some media outlets say that the invasion of Ukraine was different then the American invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan. As they say, the difference is that the Ukrainian people did not welcome the Russians but the Americans were welcomed by the Iraqi people or Afghani. Realy?

  6. So this Glen Carlye is part of the worst thugs organization on the planet, and he is calling Putin a thug?

    1. there is an excellent chance the CIA and their mobster buddies colluded to kill JFK. thug is an understatement.

  7. All intelligent people know that even a relatively small nuclear war - like between India and Pakistan for example - would spread deadly radiation around the world and cause a nuclear winter wherein the sun would be blacked out for perhaps months and much of the plant life would die followed soon after by most of the animal life on earth. Who wants to be the one to destroy the world and all life on it?

  8. Now that is so comforting-----a ruthless, dangerous madman unleashed on anyone that gets in the way of him being savior to all mankind. Well he is doing a pretty damn sorrowful job since he is already extinguishing mankind right & left !!! GOD HAS A WAY OF DEALING WITH MADMEN !!!!!!

    1. Putin may be ruthless and corrupt, but our esteemed leader is demented, ruthless and corrupt. What's coming is going to be terrible and God in His word said if He were not to intervene, which He has promised to do, there would not be one living thing left alive on this planet. We would destroy ourselves and every animal, all vegetation, all insects, even the venerable cockroach. But don't kid yourself, because when Christ comes back there will a reckoning and if you weren't on the Lord's side before all this happens, then you are too late.

    1. Isn't it amazing. We defended Korea, Vietnam and several other countries against communism in order to keep them from losing their freedom. It's for democracy right? What seems to be the difference here. why not help Ukraine. It's quite simple. When a coward is in the white house and he surrounds himself with like minded idiots you get what we have. Russia on the other hand has Putin. Here we have a little dictator pushing Europe and the United States around. Why? Nukes. We could take Russia out before their nukes reached the United States. Sure, a few will get through but that's war. Cowards use the fear of nuclear war with Russia as an excuse not to end this mess. NATO and the U.S. should put an end to this aggressive action by Russia. Russia would turn tail and run like rabbits back home if we showed some balls. China also would see what they would be up against as well. I served my country in Vietnam, and I got to tell it really hurts to see my country again, afraid to defend democracy. little dictators who can make threats knowing they are just words and have a big laugh watching the word leaders shake in their boots is appalling to me. Until we quit electing politicians to run our country we will never solve the mess we are in. God help us all.

  9. The person who wrote this is as far off in the head as Putin.
    Why would you start a war ? Why mame,make,, injure and destroy a country ?

    I can't imagine anyone watching putin and his works ,say there's nothing wrong with him.

    He's no way nomal by any sense of the world.
    Maybe you are so much like him you can't see the forest for the trees

  10. Canada and the United States needs to stay out of this war completely. It is not that I am unsympathetic to any of the Russian people. Quite the opposite in fact.

    Our interference will only distract from the people who are the real enemy and whom we should be focusing on.

    The Ukraine is composed of the Russian people. The Ukraine is the bread basket to the Russian people. It is a major part of their life line in supplying food to the Russian people.

    The Ukraine is has been and always will be part of Russia. This so called puppet government set up by the UN was done so to keep the Russian people divided. The Ukraine is controlled by the Globalist government. George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Communist China and very few wealthy bankers are the puppets of Satan in the Globalist take over of the world.

    They will start a nuclear war with the support of President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau if they continue to vilify Russian independence of the EU.

    The war wit the Ukraine is the distraction that these evil Globalists are engaged in, so they can continue to destroy the world economy, world peace and basic human rights and freedoms.

    The Globalists plan is to enslave and or depopulate the world. They are murdering all of us and we need to stop focusing on Ukraine and start focusing on Justin Trudeau and his Globalist friends. We need to make big Pharma and the world banks and big tech accountable for the genocide and treason they have committed for their strings are pulled by the Globalists and ultimately Satan!

    Our war is not with Putin! Our war is with Satan and the Globalists!

    Thomas Pratt

  11. Putin is a World Class Bully. He is arbitrarily murdering men, women and children to take back a landmass, with people happily living in peace and freedom. Get a Life Putin. Leave others to their own thinking.

  12. Putin is an evil, egomaniac with a sociopathic bent which considers human beings trash and disposal improves society. This is Putin's character.

  13. I know what I think, but I wonder what the rest of the country thinks. Biden has no business being in office, he is a weak man, that most of the time, does not know where he is at. If our county lets all of this continue, we will be destroyed.

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