Putin Is No Madman: He Is A Rational, Consistent, And Utterly Ruthless Thug

The brutal Russian invasion of Ukraines sovereignty has sent shockwaves through the international community. In turn, there is much speculation on whether Putin is losing touch, becoming unhinged, or becoming mentally ill.

However, several national security and intelligence agents are cautioning against this belief:

"He may have made a miscalculation, and many of his beliefs are wrong, but he is rational, consistent, and ruthless."

Glenn Carle, former CIA operative

Putin is likely acting out of a Eurasianist worldview which paints the west as an existential threat not only Russia, but mankind itself.

This means that any means the west would normally employ to negotiate a mutually beneficial outcome, Putin has no other option but to expand his empire and push back against the west.

In all, this is a terrifying situation. Putin is under a lot of stress. The invasion of Ukraine is not going well and since this is not a conflict he can afford to lose, there is much concern over what extreme lengths he may go to.

These actions would not come from a place of madness. Rather, they would be born of a more dangerous mental state: righteousness. Putin believes only he can save mankind. Coupled with his rational, consistent, and ruthless nature, only time will tell what he will do with his nuclear superpower.

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