Putin Projecting Anger, Escalating Attacks As Ukraine Continues To Resist

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is about to enter it's third week with no end in sight. In fact, it seems that Putin is angry and frustrated as he continues to escalate attacks.

As we've stated before, Ukraine is far from being an example of democracy and freedom. However, the continued Russian invasion is a clear violation of sovereignty. Also, Russian strikes are landing dangerously close to NATO member Poland, suggesting that Putin is getting desperate.

Unfortunately, many are falling for fake news reports of Ukrainian civilians being used as human shields. Even if Ukraine was doing such a thing, the blood spilled is on Putin's hands. America has often faced enemies hiding behind civilians but killing the innocent has never been a legitimate option.

British Cabinet Minister Sajid Javid gave Putin a severe warning on Monday:

"We have been very clear, even before the war started, that if there was an attack on any NATO country, even if just a single toe cap of a Russian soldier steps into NATO territory, then it will be war with NATO and NATO would respond,"

British Cabinet Minister Sajid Javid

Javid also commented on the 31 documented Russian attacks on health facilities in the conflict so far, warning that Putin will be held accountable for war crimes.

Anyone who thinks Putin is some guardian angel seeking to liberate the Ukrainian people is choosing to ignore the Eurasianistic worldview of the Soviet reminiscent dictator.

CIA Director William Burns is describing Putin as someone "stewing in a combustible combination of grievance and ambition for many years". In fact, Burns believes that Putin is likely to continue escalating the conflict as there is no way out of his current predicament.

"I think Putin is angry and frustrated right now,... He’s likely to double down and try to grind down the Ukrainian military with no regard for civilian casualties."

CIA Director William Burns

While Burns may or may not be a reliable source, it seems he is correct that there is no clear path to ending the war without a larger, potentially global conflict.

In fact, this appears to be a war that Putin cannot afford to lose. Hopefully Putin's definition of victory will change given the cost incurred so far. President Zelenskyy is not backing down and neither is Putin.

However, even if Russia did back down now, the world could not just move on from the attack as if it never happened. Putin has incurred lasting harm to Russia's reputation. Only time will tell how the conflict plays out. Let us hope The U.S. does not get drawn into the fight.

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