Russia Caught Lying About Alleged War Crimes In Bucha, Ukraine

Russia has claimed that civilians killed in Bucha, a suburb of Kyiv, died after they left. However, recent analysis of satellite images taken while Russia held Bucha show numerous bodies in the streets.

About 300 civilians have reportedly been slain in Bucha, many with their hands tied behind their backs and bullet wounds in their heads. Others were carelessly thrown into mass graves.

This revelation has led to open accusations against Russia and Putin for war crimes. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby was clear about the Department of Defense's stance:

“I think it’s fairly obvious – not just to us, but to the world — that Russian forces are responsible for the atrocities in Bucha,... Now, exactly who, what units — whether they are contractors or Chechens — I don’t think we are able to say right now. But we’re certainly not refuting that these atrocities occurred and they occurred at the hands of Russians.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby

While the Russian invasion itself is a reprehensible invasion of sovereignty, war crimes make the issue significantly more complex. Military against military fighting is one thing, but the murder of innocent civilians and consequent desecration of their corpses is quite another.

Despite potential war crimes, this conflict still rests at the feet of NATO. The U.S. may have the ability to intervene, but that would certainly escalate into a full scale hot war.

Therefore, the question arises, what is the right move? How can Putin be held accountable for these atrocious acts without sparking the next World War? Who is responsible for making Putin answer for these alleged crimes?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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