Russia Halts All Out Siege Of Kyiv, Turns To Other Objectives

Russia has declared that Kyiv is no longer their main objective in Ukraine. Thus the question arises, what is? The Kremlin claims that it has accomplished most of it's objectives and will now seek to secure the eastern region of Donbas, home to the Russian separatists movement.

It's clear that Russia has no intention of abandoning it's invasion entirely but the real objective is likely yet to be revealed.

Many have speculated that the Russian invasion is not what it seems. Is it a test of their military power, or a training exercise for a more dangerous opponent? Is it a sinister supply run, seeking bio-tech or nuclear materials? Or is it merely the flexing of a fanatical Eurasionist dictator nostalgic for the Soviet era?

Only time will tell. But one thing is clear, the war in Ukraine is far from over:

“Of course, we have stopped them, but now the real hard task begins,”

Ukraine is still occupied territory and it's people have much fighting to do in order to throw Russian forces back across the border. In fact, Russian troops still linger on the edge of Kyiv and artillery attacks still sound across the city.

The Ukrainian government is clear on what would be considered victory:

“Victory means no Russians left in Ukraine – anything less is defeat,... Only then do we celebrate.” 

Clearly such a victory is not yet at hand.

What do you think, why did Russia invade Ukraine? What are they after? What do they hope to accomplish? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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