Russian Convoy Ambushed While Moving Towards Kyiv

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has not gone well. What they envisioned would be a quick domination has instead turned into a drawn-out, guerilla style war.

It's important to note that Ukraine is not a bastion of freedom. In fact, they rank pretty high on the list of the worlds most corrupt governments. This does not change the fact that a Russian invasion of their sovereignty is wrong.

An armored convoy on it's way to lay siege to Kyiv has been disrupted. Drone footage has been released showing several of the Russian tanks destroyed in the attack:

Allegedly, the convoy was transporting thermobaric warheads, a brutal munition that sucks in all the air on impact and is known to rupture the lungs of anyone nearby.

Russia has been accused of using these devastating warheads against civilians.

Let us know your thoughts on the continued Russian invasion by responding to our email or commenting below.

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