Russian Troops Show Utter Incompetence When Responding To Ukrainian Ambush

U.S. Military doctrine and training are honed to a razors edge rarely seen by any other military. Aside from the training, American service members are among the most disciplined, dedicated, and patriotic fighting forces in the world.

A recent video posted to Telegram appears to show the opposite of this when a Russian convoy gets caught in an ambush:

U.S. military doctrine regarding ambushes is clear, concise, and nothing like what happened in the video above:

“Soldiers in the kill zone immediately return fire and take up covered positions. The leader identifies the enemy’s location and soldiers place accurate suppressive fire on the enemy’s position. Soldiers not in the kill zone begin fire and movement to destroy the enemy. The unit moves out of the kill zone, forces the enemy to withdraw, or destroys the ambush.”

Army Study Guide

In the video above, the Russian troops fail to return fire or take up covered positions. Also, there does not seem to be a clear leader trying to locate the enemy and direct suppressive fire. There is no cohesive movement towards the ambush, or in fact anywhere at all.

Not to mention poor weapon discipline and that huddling behind an armored vehicle is not a great idea considering the sheer number of anti-tank weapons flowing into Ukraine.

In the words of a MARSOC Marine, the Russian reaction was "Buffoonish".

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