Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith: An Emblem of Courage and Valor

Last updated: May 11, 2023
Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith, Medal of Honor

An little known hero of the invasion of Iraq is Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith, a name synonymous with courage and valor.

Early Life of Sgt. Paul Ray Smith

Born in the land of the free, Tampa, Florida, on September 24, 1969, Paul Ray Smith's journey was nothing short of remarkable.

Smith's parents raised him to honor the values of patriotism and service. Indeed, his early life was marked by resilience and determination.

From an early age, Smith displayed an innate sense of duty and responsibility. His childhood was not filled with extraordinary events but was a stepping stone, shaping his character and fostering his spirit of service.

An Inevitable Destiny

Gradually, Smith's innate sense of responsibility began to stand out. It wasn't just a sense of obligation to family or friends. Instead, it was a deeper commitment, a loyalty to his community and his country. This commitment, this burning patriotism, stirred within him a desire for service.

In 1989, Smith answered the call that many brave men and women hear. He enlisted in the United States Army. For Smith, the military was not just an opportunity for personal growth. It was his chance to serve the nation he loved, to protect the freedoms he held dear. He was ready to give his all. And as history would show, that's precisely what he did.

The Call of Duty: Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith

On April 4, 2003, near Baghdad's international airport, Smith's unit was attacked by a company-sized enemy force. He quickly organized a hasty defense consisting of two platoons of soldiers, one Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and three armored personnel carriers.

The Unyielding Fortitude

Smith braved hostile fire to maintain an operational Bradley Fighting Vehicle, after which he engaged the enemy infantry. In the midst of the chaotic battle, he was mortally wounded, but his courageous actions allowed his unit to repel the enemy.

A Legacy Forged in Courage

Unyielding courage marked Smith's service. In fact, his audacious spirit, fearless even in the face of looming danger, set him apart from his peers. Smith's bravery was, indeed, no run-of-the-mill feat.

His commitment to his fellow soldiers was unwavering. In the heat of battle, when bullets hailed like an unforgiving storm, Smith stood firm. He chose to face the onslaught, his resolve as solid as a fortress.


Frequently Asked Questions About Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith

What did Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith do to earn the Medal of Honor?

He displayed exceptional bravery during the Battle of Baghdad, organizing a defense and engaging enemy forces, even when mortally wounded.

When did Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith receive the Medal of Honor?

He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor on April 4, 2005, two years after his heroic actions in Baghdad.

What is the significance of Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith's actions?

His actions serve as an emblem of duty, courage, and sacrifice, inspiring millions and leaving a lasting impact on military history.

Where is Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith from?

He was born and raised in Tampa, Florida.

Where did Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith's heroic actions take place?

His Medal of Honor actions occurred near Baghdad's international airport on April 4, 2003.

How did Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith die?

He was mortally wounded while engaging enemy forces during the Battle of Baghdad.

What unit was Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith part of?

He served in the 11th Engineer Battalion of the 3rd Infantry Division.

How has Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith been remembered?

Besides the Medal of Honor, a school in Baumholder, Germany, and a US Army Reserve Center in Orlando, Florida, have been named in his honor.

Who posthumously accepted the Medal of Honor for Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith?

His wife, Birgit Smith, accepted the Medal of Honor on his behalf during the award ceremony.

What does Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith's story teach us?

His story is a testament to the values of courage, sacrifice, and duty above self, serving as an inspiration for all.

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  1. There was a time in America when there were many raised kike Paul Smith, like Audie Murphy and so many others, but now with radical indoctrination of our young people men like Paul Smith are becoming rare. Let's hope his efforts have not been in vain while America is struggling to find itself again.

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