Target Cancels "Shop With A Cop" Event, Claims It Was A Miscommunication

Many corporations these days are bowing to cancel culture and taking the politically expedient way out. In this case, a local Sheriff lambasted Target for cancelling their Shop with a Cop event while the corporation claims it was all a miscommunication.

In Flagler County Florida, local law enforcement holds an annual event where officers parade underprivileged kids to a shopping spree, lights and sirens included. Once there, the kids and their law enforcement pals pick out gifts, play games, eat hot dogs, and have a great time. Meanwhile, the Shop with a Cop and Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranches charity organizations foot the bill.

In years past, this event has been held at Target. This year however, Target reached out to cancel the event claiming they have retired the program that previously hosted the event. Unfortunately, the cancellation notice arrived after the Shop with a Cop event had been promoted to the community. The local Sheriff believes this was a case of Target bowing to cancel culture and switched the event to Walmart:

“As the Target Corporation displayed ‘Grinch’ like behavior in cancelling the partnership at the last minute we went to your competitor Walmart who welcomed us with open arms... On December 10, 2021, we took over 125 culturally diverse children partnered with over 125 law enforcement, corrections and professional support employees shopping.”


To get the other side of the story, Police Tribune reached out to Target for a response and they say it's all just a big mistake:

“Unfortunately, a miscommunication earlier this year resulted in the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office being told that Target was retiring our Heroes & Helpers program... In fact, Target is supporting Heroes & Helpers this year in partnership with first responders across the country, including firefighters, paramedics, EMTs and law enforcement.”


Here is a video of this fantastic event:

What do you think, is this a case where a Target representative miscommunicated to the Shop with a Cop charity or was someone along the line bowing to anti-police rhetoric? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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