Taser Fails To Stop Knife Wielding Bad Guy

Last updated: March 6, 2022

One of the biggest criticisms in police shootings is why didn't they use a taser. Civilians often feel like a taser is the best answer and should be deployed as a first resource always.

An Oregon officer attempted to take this action first with a suspect. However, it ultimately did not work.

Early Morning at The Days Inn

In Corvallis, Oregon, police received a 911 call from hotel staff at 4:00 a.m. According to KOIN, police were told a man was attempting to access guests' hotel rooms.

Upon arrival, police officers realized that the man, Jeffrey Appelt, 32, was in possession of a knife. The officer requested that Appelt drop the knife. However, Appelt did not comply.

When he did not comply, the officer shot him with a taser, as Appelt was actively charging toward him.

In the bodycam footage, you can hear Appelt tell the officer to, "Leave me alone. Leave me the f—k alone."

You can see the bodycam footage on YouTube by clicking the image below:

Back-Up Arrives

The first officer is seen radioing for additional help in the video. A second officer comes to his aid and tells Appelt to drop the knife.

Appelt again refuses to comply with the officer's commands. When a third officer arrives, Appelt runs toward him with the knife yelling, "Do you want to die?"

At that moment, the officer feared for his and his fellow officer's lives and discharged his weapon. The suspect was shot multiple times.

“When Appelt came in close proximity to the officer, and his open patrol vehicle in which there was a loaded AR15- rifle and shotgun, the third officer fired his pistol."

Benton County Prosecutors

Left With No Other Choice

While using a taser to stop a suspect seems like a good option, it only is good in theory. Often it does not work in practical application. Some people are not affected by the taser charge, while others may have substances in their systems that prohibit a taser's effectiveness.

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19 comments on “Taser Fails To Stop Knife Wielding Bad Guy”

  1. This idiot brought this outcome on himself . Now , if you've noticed , this was a '' white '' guy getting shot by police for being stupid , there was NO national media coverage about this . When a black idiot gets stupid and fights , then gets shot ,,,, WOW , the FAKE opinion networks run it 24/7 !!!

    1. Boy do I agree with you on this one. I'd love to know how many white people have been shot by cops in comparison. We just don't hear about those. If you don't do what the cops say and resist or fight, you get what you get no matter what color your skin is.

    2. did anyone ever see the news video of the white guy guy who stole a horse and had maybe half of the LA county sheriffs office chasing him copters , motorcycles , dirt bikes, mounted on horseback he was cowboying the hell out of them .a copter finally swooped so close it freaked the horse so bad it fell and tossed the guy . cops were on him like ugly on an ape ,and they were beating him like a red headed step child ,boots ,clubs ,batons .till one of the cops looked up , and saw the news copters ,dude could ride though .... do they still hang horse thieves???

  2. Got what he deserves and a lot more need the same no matter what color you are. Act like animals you get what you deserve. You go men in blue, I’m behind you a hundred percent.

  3. I wonder why it makes a difference whether it's a white man or a black man who is shot by the police because he doesn't do what he is told to do by the police? If this man had been black, more burning, looting and destroying private property by "peaceful protesters.

  4. ONE MORE DEAD MORON that was created by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and BIDEN, SXCHUMER and PELOSI ! Over 20,000 people were murdered in the USA last year... 75% of them were committed by only 2% of the population and we all KNOW who they are. The Demonrats should be so proud of their little army they created to USE as political PLOY against the American People. ONE DAY, a WAR is coming and that will be the ultimate END of this country... THANKS PELOSI ... you are a communits MARXIST.

  5. Police doing their job as it should be done, ridding America of another idiot! Great job...no need for trial with crybaby liberal jurists!

  6. Why did this guy, armed only with a knife, continue to attack the police? Has he forgotten that he is white?

  7. The rule of law should be honored and respected.

    Lawless criminals should know that if more "conservative" methods to control their lawless behavior (such as Tasers), then being shot is the only resort our committed police offers have in order to protect not only their lives, but also the lives of the honorable citizens.

    Who can sensibly argue ?

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  10. I agree with some of the comments here.what worries me more,is every time an officer goes to work,they risk death or facing criminal charges for trying to do their job.

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