Texas Police Officer Unknowingly Helped Prepare Ukraine Law Enforcement Prepare For War

A photo of a Ukrainian Police Officer wearing a "Don't Mess With Texas" patch given to him while training the Houston Police Department has gone viral:

Randy Upton, a recently retired Houston Police Officer expressed his confidence that the Ukrainian Police have the skills they need to get into the fight protecting their homeland.

"We’ve taught them a lot of tactical training,... Firearms training, a lot of crowd control training, and critical thinking. I’d like to believe that’s helping out right now."

Upton and multiple other Houston Police Officers visited Ukraine and trained with their Police Officers over a 6 year period starting back in 2016. The two groups have developed deep bonds of friendship.

The Ukrainian Police Officer in the image with the Houston Patch is a friend of Randy's and they stay in contact regularly.

Let us know what you think of the Ukrainian Police training with Houston Law Enforcement in the comment below!

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