Top Wanted Criminal Captured in Texas Shortly After List Announcement

 June 8, 2024

The pursuit of law and order in Texas has marked a quick success.

According to Breitbart, a mere day following the unveiling of Texas’ new initiative to track down wanted criminals, 62-year-old Mexican national Servando Trejo Duran Jr. was apprehended in Baytown, Texas.

This significant capture was the result of a cooperative effort. Special agents from the Department of Public Safety, troopers from the Texas Anti-Gang Center in Houston, and local police officers from Baytown worked together efficiently. Following his capture, Duran was incarcerated at the Chambers County Jail. His criminal past is dense, beginning with burglary in 1980, for which he served long probation, leading to a serious turn with a homicide conviction in 1986.

A parole violation triggered by his 2023 arrest for tampering with a government record brought him back into the law enforcement spotlight. Despite his earlier parole in 2009 and subsequent deportation, Duran had reentered the U.S., breaching his parole terms linked to a life sentence for murder.

Swift action follows new state policy

The Texas 10 Most Wanted Criminal Illegal Immigrants List, introduced by Governor Greg Abbott, is a direct result of escalating concerns about illegal immigration and associated crimes. This initiative quickly showcased its effectiveness with Duran’s arrest. Launched with the intent to strengthen community safety, this list not only underscores Texas’ commitment to law enforcement but also serves as a stern warning to other at-large criminals. Governor Abbott emphasized that the genesis of this list was necessitated by a disintegration of previously effective border policies.

Governor Greg Abbott emphasized the significance of this initiative, "This new Texas 10 Most Wanted Criminal Illegal Immigrants List forms a key part of our strategy to uphold law and order in the state, amidst what we see as a crisis at our border."

Duran’s history exemplifies the kind of criminal profiles the list aims to publicize. Besides the other significant crimes on his record, mixed information about the rewards shows that a $5,000 stipend for tips leading to his arrest was initially set, but not issued, as his location was pinpointed without public help.

Community and forces unite against crime

The collaboration between various forces reflects Texas' high regard for cooperative policing. This collaborative enforcement model is not only about tracking serious offenders but is also about the practical implementation of stringent state policies on crime and immigration.

As Governor Abbott mentioned, the list is a response to a perceived failure at the federal level, which he claims has caused a spike in dangerous criminals entering Texas. This statement was strongly articulated by Governor Abbott in a lengthy criticism of current federal policies, "Since the onset of President Joe Biden's term, there has been a noticeable dismantling of effective border management policies set by his predecessor. Texas is left with no choice but to implement our strategies to safeguard our citizens and ensure the strict enforcement of our laws."

Additional arrests and charges under this initiative reflect the gravity and scale at which Texas is enforcing its laws. Since the inception of Operation Lone Star, over 43,400 “criminal aliens” have been arrested, contributing to nearly 39,000 felony charges.


Despite the complexities of immigration and law enforcement, Texas asserts its position as a leader in combining resources to tackle these issues head-on. The arrest of Servando Trejo Duran Jr. serves as a testament to the state's resolve and the operational success of its newly launched program.

Interestingly, Duran represents just one case among an array of severe charges faced by others on the most-wanted list, including murder, sexual assault, and burglary. Texas’ stance remains clear: prioritize public safety by using every available tool to apprehend those who pose the greatest threats.

This recent apprehension validates Texas’ aggressive measures to manage criminal activities associated with illegal immigration. The effectiveness of collaboration among various law enforcement bodies, complemented by proactive state policies, underscores a comprehensive strategy that promises security and safety for the residents of Texas. The capture of Servando Trejo Duran Jr. is not just a significant arrest but a clear message to all fugitives that Texas is vigilant and unwavering in its pursuit of justice.

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