Two Fatalities And Eight Injured In Arkansas Store Shooting

 June 22, 2024

An early morning shootout at a grocery store in Fordyce, Arkansas, has left two people dead and eight others, including a police officer, injured.

According to Daily Mail, on Friday morning, a violent altercation involving multiple shooters erupted outside the Mad Butcher store in Fordyce, Arkansas, resulting in a major response from law enforcement and medical teams.

The incident began when shots were heard outside the Mad Butcher grocery store, a business located about 65 miles south of Little Rock in a small town with just over 3,000 residents. Witnesses described the initial sounds as a few inconspicuous pops, which quickly escalated into a heavy exchange of gunfire. The confrontation reportedly began between two groups armed with AR-15-style weapons.

The Onset of a Tragic Event: Fordyce Store Shooting

Local civilians found themselves caught in the crossfire, leading to nine being shot and multiple fatalities. Apart from the civilians, a law enforcement officer also sustained injuries during the melee although they were not life-threatening.

David Rodriguez, a bystander at the scene, recounted the chaos. "The police started to show up, and then there was massive gunfire and ambulances pulling up," he said. His testimony highlighted the rapid escalation of violence, with sounds of continuous gunshots and the wailing of car alarms filling the air."

Rapid Law Enforcement Response and Arrests

During the turmoil, law enforcement officers engaged with at least four suspected shooters. One shooter was critically injured by police fire and subsequently taken into custody. Dallas County Sheriff Mike Knoedel confirmed the quick apprehension of the suspect, as authorities worked to secure the area and attend to the wounded.

Shell casings littered the ground, indicative of the intense gunfire exchange that took place. A medical helicopter arrived promptly at the scene, underscoring the severity of the injuries sustained. Additionally, the grocery store itself bore signs of the attack with visible damage to a front window.

Community Reaction and Implications

Video evidence from the scene depicted a stark visual of the violence, with at least one individual visibly lying in the parking lot after being shot. Although the full extent of the shootout is still being investigated, the shocking visuals have undoubtedly impacted the small community and the state at large.

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders expressed her concern over the incident, saying, "I have been briefed on the tragic shooting in Fordyce, and I'm in constant contact with State Police at the scene." She thanked the law enforcement and first responders for their swift action and extended her prayers to the victims and those affected by the harrowing event.


The investigation is ongoing, with forensics teams meticulously processing the scene for additional clues and evidence to understand better the circumstances that led to this tragic event. Multiple law enforcement agencies continue to collaborate, analyzing the video footage and eyewitness accounts to assemble a clearer picture of the event’s timeline.

As the community of Fordyce reels from this tragedy, debates concerning public safety and firearm regulations are spurred anew. The quick response from multiple law enforcement agencies highlights the challenges and risks they face as they confront escalating violence in even the smaller communities across the nation.

The tragic event at the Fordyce Mad Butcher store has highlighted the devastating impact of gun violence on communities, prompting a unified emergency response and reigniting important conversations about public safety. Two individuals lost their lives, and eight others are recovering from injuries after a seemingly normal day turned violent. This incident draws attention once again to the broader issues of gun control and community safety. As investigations continue, the community and the nation watch closely, hopeful for resolutions that will prevent such occurrences in the future.

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