UFO and Ancient Portals Explored on History Channel Show

 June 29, 2024

The History Channel recently aired a gripping episode of "Beyond Skinwalker Ranch," which took viewers on a mysterious journey to Northern Arizona's Rock Art Ranch.

According to Daily Mail, the episode delved into ancient petroglyphs believed to depict extraterrestrials and portals, accompanied by sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena.

"Beyond Skinwalker Ranch" follows hosts Paul Beban and Andy Bustamante as they painstakingly inspect petroglyphs featuring unique three-fingered figures and spirals—the latter reinterpreted as symbols of portals. These ancient Native American rock carvings are believed to be over 13,000 years old and are considered sacred by Indigenous peoples.

Technological Firsts and Anomalous Findings in UFO Investigation

Guided by former Navajo Ranger Jon Dover, the team employed thermal imaging equipment for the first time during their investigative journey. Surprisingly, cigar-shaped UFOs darting at high speed were captured, adding a compelling visual component to the show.

Contributors Travis Taylor and Eric Bard from the related series "Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" provided counsel, urging reflection on the significance of the carvings. Eric Bard pointed out, "Now, one of the things that stands out - Look, there's something under it. Moving with it."

As the investigation intensified, the hosts noticed a significant temperature drop and observed orb-like UFOs altering their flight paths during ritual drumming, suggesting a connection between the drumming and the phenomena.

Expert Insights Reveal Deep Connections with the Supernatural

During the episode, Jon Dover explained the meaning behind the profound carvings, suggesting a celestial connection. "The three-fingered figures represent star people," he said. Andy Bustamante shared his awe of the potential for ancient extraterrestrial contact, remarking, "So, we're saying here that these people were visited or they experienced contact with extraterrestrials. That's quite humbling."

Andy Bustamante added an intriguing interpretation to the carvings based on the Indigenous culture: "Spirals always are an indication of migration," but he argued they might indeed represent portals.

Furthermore, the investigators also connected with Travis Taylor, who hinted at a broader use of the landscape by Indigenous peoples. He stated, "The Indigenous people use the cave systems as a portal system," which may act as doorways to other realms.

A Journey Through Ancient Mysteries and Modern Anomalies

The exploration teams' previous investigations, such as their visit to Colorado's Miller Ranch, were briefly discussed, linking similar phenomena of mysterious occurrences and alleged underground portals related to high fatality rates and cattle mutilations.

However, despite the high-tech equipment, no UFOs were captured by a camera stationed 60 feet above the canyon, further shrouding their presence in mystery. Paul Beban reflected on the enduring enigmatic nature of these sightings: "Whatever the phenomenon is right now, it does seem to be hovering around."


The episode masterfully blends the allure of ancient mysteries with the perplexing phenomena of UFOs. Thermal imaging and expert advice added layers of depth to the show, capturing high-speed UFOs and sparking debates on ancient and modern connections.

As technology peels back some layers of these mysteries, the core enigma of Rock Art Ranch remains, captivating and challenging both experts and enthusiasts alike.

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