Ukraine Invasion Serves As A Dire Warning To The World: Russia Is Only One Of Many Threats

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has consumed global attention for a month now, present company included. While the governments of both countries deserve condemnation, Russia has made an egregious attack on Ukraine's sovereignty.

However, Russia is only one of the "bad guys" on the world stage. There are many more, and one in particular carries a much bigger stick: China.

There are many signs that China intends to make a move on Taiwan. Such an attack would certainly pull the U.S. into a global conflict.

The next war it seems will be fought over technology. Whoever controls processing chips and the ability to manufacture and distribute them will have a major technological advantage. This is especially concerning as America has already felt a shortage of processing chips and it's had a devastating effect on the economy.

But China is not the only other "bad guy". North Korea, Iran, Turkey, and others are lurking in the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike.

This is yet another reason why the U.S. should stay out of the Ukrainian conflict. If the United States takes their eye of the other bad guys even for a moment, it will be fighting next generation wars on multiple fronts.

Yes, the U.S. military is the greatest the world has ever known. But the same was said of the Titanic... it is possible for even the greatest of ships to be overcome by events.

Regardless, the American people need to stand strong and support the men and women ready to do violence on our behalf. These sheepdogs will surely be needed before long and God help whoever they are unleashed upon.

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