Urban Legend: "The Ukrainian Reaper", Kills Over 20 Russian Troops

Obviously, the "Ghost Of Kyiv" is getting a lot of attention. As the first alleged fighter ace since WWII should. However, there is apparently another urban legend born from the brutal conflict in Ukraine: "The Ukrainian Reaper".

As with the Ghost Of Kyiv we cannot be certain that this is anymore than urban legend. Regardless, Ukraine needs any hero it can get at this hour, even if their actions are exaggerated.

There are many reports about soldiers on the ground fiercely defending their territory. But one stands out above the rest, allegedly killing over 20 Russian soldiers in two days of combat. The unknown soldier is a sniper and is inspiring the Ukrainian troops to continue battling the incursion on their sovereignty.


Let us know what you think of these urban legends born of the Ukrainian conflict in the comments below!

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