Ukraine Strikes Back - Takes Out Russian Oil Depot In Helicopter Attack

Watching bullies get punched in the nose is quite satisfying, especially when that bully is nuclear power potentially committing war crimes against civilians.

As always, the disclaimer stands: the Ukrainian government is no less corrupt than Putin's puppet regime. But the invasion of Ukraine is an act to be vehemently condemned. Once Putin launched his invasion, Russia became the next "bad guy".

With this in mind, it is important to celebrate any victory against Putin even if it is achieved by a corrupt government. The surprise attack occurred amid alleged peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, which suggests the conversation was not going well.

The strike was carried out by two Ukrainian helicopter gunships against an oil depot in the Belgorod region of Russia. The impressive attack caused devastating fires and only injured two people. Considering the nightmare conditions in multiple Ukrainian cities caused by the Russian invasion, this was a minor bloody nose indeed. But, it sends a clear message to the Kremlin: Ukraine is not done.

While the Russian objectives seem to have shifted to the Donbas region, the invaders are not allowing citizens to flee in several cities. In fact, according to the Red Cross, Russian troops appear to be actively preventing humanitarian efforts:

“We are running out of adjectives to describe the horrors that residents in Mariupol have suffered,... The situation is horrendous and deteriorating, and it’s now a humanitarian imperative that people be allowed to leave and aid supplies be allowed in.”

ICRC spokesperson Ewan Watson

“We do not see a real desire on the part of the Russians and their satellites to provide an opportunity for Mariupol residents to evacuate to territory controlled by Ukraine,... (Russian forces) are categorically not allowing any humanitarian cargo, even in small amounts, into the city”

Petro Andryushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol

This heartbreaking news drives home a critical point: regardless of Ukrainian corruption, the Russian invasion is a criminal invasion of sovereignty that is costing the lives of innocents.

What do you think, is it time Ukraine took the fight to the Kremlin? If so, how far should they take it? What is the likely outcome of the current conflict? Let us know in the comments below.

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