Volunteer School Crossing Guard Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice To Save Children From Out Of Control SUV

Last updated September 8, 2022

School crossing guards volunteer their time to ensure that children get safely to their cars or across the street. While this job is inherently dangerous to a point, it's rare that crossing guards give their lives to save children.

But Ashley Dias did just that. He made the ultimate sacrifice to save kids from being killed by an out of control SUV.

Volunteering His Time

Ashley Dias worked for a biotechnology firm and doubled as a school crossing guard for his former junior high. He was the kind of person who gave back to his community any way he could.

Tragically, the last time he volunteered, he was struck by a car while assisting a group of students.

A parent said the students were "barely able to get out of the way" and that Dias “pushed the students towards the sidewalk and just out of reach from the car."

It's clear that Dias thought only of the kids even as death bore down on him.

Eye-Witness Account

Student Stella Champion is a sixth-grader who witnessed Dias get pulled under the SUV as it ran over him and later she saw first responders rendering aid.

“He was getting pulled out by the paramedics, and he was getting CPR,” Champion told KABC. “I think there was a kid injured, but the crossing guard saved the kid.”

According to the Contra Costa Sheriff's Office, "One person was reported to be trapped under the vehicle. Lafayette police officers, who were assisted by citizens, were able to pull an unresponsive person out from under the vehicle. Officers administered CPR until relieved by fire department personnel.”

Sadly, Dias did not survive and was pronounced dead.

A Family in Mourning

Dias was taken to John Muir Hospital but died of his injuries. His mother, Gloria, said, “The father of one of the kids came to me, a doctor at John Muir Hospital, and he said ‘if it wasn’t for your son, my daughter would be dead.'"

"He died a hero, but he'll never come back to us. He's gone."

His father, Fabio Dias, said he was crushed.

"He was a great son. It is unbelievable. Just this morning we spoke to him. In the afternoon we spoke to him before he went at 2 o’clock for the crossing."

Fabio Dias

Dias obviously touched many lives and his service meant a lot to the community. He will be terribly missed by all.

Precautions Taken

Dias was wearing a bright orange safety vest that many crossing guards wear so they're easier to see, but it was not enough.

The woman who hit him is a student's grandmother. Fortunately, the child and grandmother were not hurt, but this is small comfort to those who felt the incredible loss of a man like Dias.

“We are so incredibly sorry and devastated by this unthinkably horrible incident," said the woman who ran him over.

According to police, she has cooperated fully with the investigation and they have yet to file charges in the matter.

So far, this appears to be nothing more than a horrifically tragic accident.

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8 comments on “Volunteer School Crossing Guard Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice To Save Children From Out Of Control SUV”

  1. The loss of any life is terrible, and the loss of a young man who was there to do exactly what his job was,,,is so terribly painful for family and friends. That he lost his life doing what he wished to do, and in saving a young girls life, is one of the most painful, yet rewarding things that a person can give. That he lost his life while saving another has him standing extremely tall in every parent's heart! God bless the life that he saved, and I know where he stands for eternity! My most heartfelt feelings for his family! What a FANTASTIC YOUNG MAN!!!

    1. If you take a life to save your own, so shall you die. If you give your life to save another, so shall you live. He is being rewarded in God's kingdom. May his family find Joy and peace in that truth.

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  2. Shows the insane stupidity of these people who have no regard for common courtesy and respect of others when they drop-off of pick-up their kids. IDIOTS!

  3. Was she on the phone - her attention was diverted...SHE SHOULD have known the locations of the crossings if she had a student at the school - anyone who traveled that route would have known and watched out CAREFULLY for the crossing. She should be held completely responsible!!!

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