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10 comments on “WATCH: Deadly B-1 Bomber Launched With Full Afterburner”

  1. The B-1 B is a formidable bomber. It's too bad much of the configuration of the B-1A wasn't adopted. That was due to budget concerns. But it provided for better crew survivability in a bailout and greater supersonic speed.

    1. As for me. I would not bail out. I would SHOVE IT RIGHT DOWN THEIR THROATS. Grinning all the way 🙂
      I would rather die for this great country than see it, TAKEN OVER or DISGRACED.

      1. I'm somewhat perplexed by your reply.

        The B-1 bomber was developed to defend this country and has been used well in the pursuit of such. My argument was and is that it could've been built better but for pencil neck accountants.

        But those of us who flew combat aircraft weren't required to be kamikazes. Surviability to fly and fight again was and is critical the US military. I've never had to bailout, but I've landed with aircraft not quite fully functional, if you know what I mean. But if it was necessary, I would bail out.

        By the way, I'm one of those who feels no one in their right mind would bail out of a fully functional aircraft. 😉

  2. Will someone PLEASE tell me why, ( other than those PUSSY POLITICIANS ) we are BOWING DOWN TO EVERYBODY ELSE ON THE GLOBE ? I thought that along with the minute-man missiles, the B1B Bomber being based in Wichita was the greatest thing that could happen for the defense of this country. We have got some of the best designed, most lethal weapons systems on the planet. But when we LET politicians tell us we HAVE TO BEND OVER & TAKE IT UP THE ASS. We are nothing more than a joke to the rest of the rest of the world.
    And our so-called "commander & chief " ( asleep at the wheel Joe Biden ) is doing nothing more than enforcing that opinion.
    We were, and still can be, the shining beacon of freedom to the rest of the world. But that can only happen if we, REMOVE THE PRESENT, POWER MAD, DEMOCRATIC "DICTATORSHIP" ADMINISTRATION, WHO HOLDS THIS GREAT COUNTRY HOSTAGE FOR THEIR OWN PERSONEL GAIN.........

    Here is where I get labeled AGAIN, as a threat to the present administration.
    I feel that every democRAT who feels that America should BOW DOWN, & APPOLIGISE to every other country for, who & what we are. SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT ON THE CAPITAL STEPS AND
    It is a simple fact. IF YOU DON'T STAND FOR US.. YOU STAND AGAINST US.
    Time to grow a pair America. Do you want to stand UP for OUR FREEDOMS ? Or do you want to just roll over & BEG FOR VASILINE WHILE THEY STICK IT TO YA ?
    If I have to go down. I for one, am going to go down, kicking, biting, scratching, & TAKING AS MANY OF THEM WITH ME AS I CAN... PERIOD...

    1. War is not always, or often the answer. Yet we often foolishly get into them. But being prepared to take on ANY adversary in ANY realm is critical.

      That said, acquiescing to threats and tyranny is unacceptable. If force is required to protect freedom, so be it. That applies to both the international and national stage. I say this even though the article IS NOT about domestic political problems that need to be addressed.

      By the way, TREASON has a very specific meaning many can't or don't want to find in US law. Most often, the better word to use is SEDITION.

  3. what good are all the bombers', military equipment etc. if we can't even stop 1.7 invaders from coming through our border????

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