WATCH: From First Contact to Officer Down in 30 Seconds

Last updated: December 15, 2022

Daytona Beach Police Officer Raynor, 26, died 55 days after he was shot on June 23, 2021. He had been trying to question a man outside an apartment building at 133 Kingston Ave. in Daytona Beach when he was shot, according to a report and body camera video.

The video below show's the incident unfold. At the time, it was believed that Raynor would recover, but unfortunately he took a turn for the worst and did not survive.

The suspect, Othal Wallace, has been charged with first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer in Raynor's killing. 

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7 comments on “WATCH: From First Contact to Officer Down in 30 Seconds”

  1. There are many reasons a person may sit in their car late at night or in the wea hours of the morning. When I taught 7th grade math, my school started at 7 a.m. The custodian would unlock the front door at 5:30. I'd be there at 5:30 to prep for the day. If I were early or she was late, I'd sit there in my car waiting for her and just grade papers or work on preparations for class. Once in a while, a police officer would drop by, have on his spotlight, use his bull horn to ask who I was and what was I doing. I never thought it was rude or much disruptive and thought - someone is dutifully watching the school. The officer, after me answering his questions would approach the car, ask to see my drivers license and to see some of the work I was doing. After looking at my paperwork, he'd always ask why I didn't grade the papers at home. I told him I liked to meet the students w/fresh work. It made me a better teacher. The officer always appologized for the disruption and left. ----- I thought his behavior was good and showed care of the community !!!!!

  2. Similar story about a teacher being outside a school. In my memory a new WHITE teacher was found to be attempting to enter the building without a proper key or ID? He was handcuffed for a bit but released...These checks are often called in by citizens concerned for safety. We need to stop apologizing for routine verifications, and this one had all the hallmarks of going by protocol. The officer was calm and and merely inquiring. As for NFA, that should be classified as a domestic terrorist group, and the FBI would be better pursuing those members than peaceful persons praying outside of abortion sites.

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