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20 comments on “WATCH: Hilarious Police Interaction With Drunk Driver Who Fell Asleep Blocking Intersection”

  1. Glad they waited for a man of color to get him out - otherwise there would be riots and what not for picking on blacks. He was so obviously still drunk, I'm surprised they didn't write him up for that also.

    1. I guess it was another attack on police officers waiting to happen my husband was a victim of police brutality Back in the 70 ‘s and guess what we know all police officers are not bad there are some but the majority of police officers are acting in good faith With family’s of their own and out there making a living protecting us imagine a world without the rule of law

  2. That first cop was so patient, unbelievable. And why did the other one not just pick the keys from the other side and he would have no chance to get away. Too much patience with a drunk. He made no sense either, but it was fun to watch!!

  3. My husband is a police Officer and if this person had been white this situation would not have gone on
    this long. We all know what the problem is and it's a crime!!!

  4. I bet that guy is sorry and embarrassed about what he did! It’s a shame that our police officers have to put up drunks like that! It was quite comical!

  5. The biggest crime here is. Due to our current state of political stupidity. These police officers who were white, could not in any way, take any kind of action against this person because he was black. To prove that this situation was NOT ABOUT RACE. They had to call in a black officer to arrest this person, which only took about 5min. after he got on scene.
    This whole thing was soo wrong. I think that what they should have done is. Go get the mayor, grab him or her by the neck & put them right there. Then tell the mayor "You caused this". "You handle it". Then go on to inform the mayor that if this driver does anything other than step out of the car, you will BOTH be charged. Then tell the Mayor "you have a nice day", then go back to their cars & wait.

    1. THAT'S as dumb as the drunk's logic...YOUR reasoning is coming from the same "air headedness" as the drunk's.

  6. The drunk will claim racism. Al Sharpton will make a special trip to that town to fan the racism flames. Nancy Pelosi and AOC will demand a special investigation. The DA will let the drunk go without charges to avoid a lawsuit. The politically correct Mayor will promise to have police get better training after the arresting cop returns from being suspended as a means of placating the race baiters. The drunk will be treated as a sort of abused hero in the black community and he'll be asked to speak about the abuse he suffered from the police.

    1. I am honestly surprised that he "wasn't" crying racism while telling them that they were committing fraud & over-stepping their authority. Notice how he kept showing his hands so as not to provoke the officers.
      Myself, after him refusing to produce his ID & refusing to step out of the vehicle after several requests.
      I would have told him that I was going to "taze" him if he did not comply. Then do so, after asking him one more time to step out of the vehicle.

      1. The officers could have asked him WHAT fraud, WHAT crimes have we committed and kept on that just like the perp did...now, make him watch videos of when children were killed by a drunk driver - SEVERAL films...then ask him what should be done to those drunk drivers...and - while NOT telling any lie - tell him "someone died here today...and it was YOU".

  7. UNBELIEVABLE restraint on the officers part. The man convicted HIMSELF and i HOPE THE OFFICERS get an accommodation for how they handled this incident. GO WITH THE BLUE!!! PLEASE show the video to the man when he is sober...he has shamed and hamulated himself AND his children - 5, 11, 12, or how ever many he has... My heart goes out to his wife if he has one...if not, WOMEN STEER WAY CLEAR OF HIM!!!!

  8. Just think how much gas was waisted the vehicles that were being blocked in traffic behind his vehicle

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