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5 comments on “WATCH: Medal of Honor - Vietnam War Hero Spat in the Face of Brutal Torture and Death”

  1. This was a spectacularly brave, honorable man, unlike the wimpering anti Americans we have today. I can’t imagine the terrible pain, and the bravery this man had. I am sure there is a wonderful place in heaven where he rests. After reading the bravery of this man, it breaks my heart, and the terrible loss for America

  2. What an incredible heart breaking story! My brother and husband served in the US Army as a medic and the Marines as an A4 pilot. These Heros have never gotten the recognition they deserved! I so grateful the other 2 men were able to tell his story, so his parents were able to have closure and know what a loyal and courageous man their son was. It makes me sick to see some of the people young people today consider to be heros, this man was a true hero

  3. Once we as a society condoned spitting and throwing feces at our soldiers many will never serve the nation. Coming home on a stretcher and having today's teachers spit on you is beyond any pale. The USA is heading for a firestorm and democrats haven't succeeded in making America defenseless, YET

  4. This soldier was a true hero! He suffered terrible torture at the hands of his enemies as well as the pain from the crash! He endured more than most men in his situation! They would have killed him even if he given them the information they wanted! GOD Bless this man for giving his life for his friends and for America! It makes me sick that there is so much corruption in the government today and the lack of respect for those who fought for our freedom! Please vote RED so we can keep our Freedom!!!

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