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19 comments on “WATCH: Metro Nashville Police Respond To Active Shooter”

  1. OMG - Shots were fired between fellow officers endangering them and the mission. If this video is reviewed by the proper authorities this person should be stripped of responsibility and declared unfit for duty until extensive training is completed. That person is not fit to be a LEO! Just MHO!

      1. The all lives matter only pertains to the person that may or may not still be alive that caused the situation but the people that were either wounded or dead to the all lives mater people that is there tough luck, what's the saying wrong place wrong time.

    1. I don't know what clip you watched, Yes the rookie cop pointed her weapon towards their back but at know time did she fire and if I remember correctly the young Hispanic officer was the only officer being reviewed for discharging his weapon. If you don't like what any of the officers did then you shut your mouth and show us how it's supposed to be done Mr. Mike Connelly. Have you ever been involved in a shooting situation.

    2. So, a rooky police officer did her/his best to take down a crazed killer is "NOT FIT" to be a Law Enforcement Officer? Tell me friend, how would you feel if that same officer put their life on the line to protect you and your loved ones?

    3. Based on my training and experience I think she did very well, the fact that she may have been firing 50 yards or so is germane. If she is comfortable in her skills so be it. I would say this was a very good end to an otherwise horrible situation.

  2. that woman cop needs some serious training before she is allowed on the street with a gun she could have shot either one of the cops ahead of her they had to of heard them rounds flying by them she should be sitting behind a desk until then

  3. Perfect training film for situational awareness.
    She was so tunnel visioned. She didn't comprehend the proximity of the other officers . shoots two rounds
    And then what does she do. But backpedals to place the officer on the right in her line of sight.
    I Wouldn't trust her with a sling shot.

  4. Now we have to medicate incarcerate,lawyerate.. there is only one solution to this. BET He gets out of jail, no cash bail, given a bad boy slip too appear..

  5. I don't think the female officer ever fired a round yes she was in a situation that she did point her gun toward the two police officers backs. When the one officer chambered a round that's because the police are not allowed to have a round chambered that I know of.

  6. The cops should have shot him dead now we got another to feed in jail fact they don't know where gun is and he refused to stop and heading to neaborhood cars on street .he shot guard in store and shot up stores he has clips .it's time we hold crimnels accountable not police for saving our life's . Looked to me like the one behind police was in between and on sides that's in case they go down .our police r not the crimnels .God bless our police

  7. For all of you "DEFUND THE POLICE" supporters I wonder how you would respond if you or your loved ones were being threatened by some crazed killer! Yes, there are some bad cops out there but, good cops risk their lives each and every day while trying to protect civilian's while at the same time being insulted and cursed out while they try to do their jobs. Law Enforcement is an honorable but thankless profession that is a damn if you do or, damn if you don't type of a profession and all of those brave and honorable men and women that dedicate their lives to protect ours need to be supported, not defunded!

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