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6 comments on “WATCH: Minute By Minute Timeline Of How A North Korean Nuclear Attack Would Unfold”

  1. Here we’re having this but all of these chais have now are coming with Devilrats plus a fool in the WH, WHILE Trump was there we have some control over N. Korea and they were slowing down on this nuclear crap. But now they thru China know we’re weak,Biden is for sale as is this whole stinkin dummyrat bunch. We must spring back or have this to come true.

  2. Traitorous Sen. Schumer is guilty in what North Kore may do, he spoiled the extremely important and fruitful dialog Of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un

    1. I already know what they may do...I don't need phony announcements that it is ongoing. Thin Line, You bet!

  3. Stop the fake and inflamatory headlines. This your last chance. One more and you lose a subscriber.

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