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4 comments on “WATCH: Russian Air Force Losing The War Over Ukraine”

  1. The Afghan people ran the Russians out of their country with our help. We helped Afghan with the arms and equipment it needed (see movie "Charlie Wilsons War"). Apparently we sent what was needed WHEN it was needed. Wake up Joe. Pay attention instead of crapping your pants every time Putin rattles his nuclear sword. It stands to reason that if Russia's conventional warfare forces are so desperately inferior, so are their nuclear forces. Enough with your senile foot dragging already. Send what the need when they need it. If you had, the war would be over by now.Not a good time to be a Russian general is it.

    1. And then, after we helped them getting rid of all modernization, schools, women's rights, etc, we got kicked out with our own weaponry - SUCCESS!

  2. Imagine the pride of the Russian pilots as they successfully bomb helpless civilians in the Ukraine!!!!

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